Kids’ Club Review by Stephen: Amulet

AmuletAmulet, by Kazu Kibuishi (1978-)

Amulet – Firelight is book 7 in the series. This is my favourite book but also the most saddest in the Amulet series. Emily is starting to have dreams about her past. She is slowly remembering it. Emily starts to loose control of the stone, which is the saddest bit about the book because Emily turns into a fire Phoenix and almost destroys Vigo and the elf helper.
My favourite bit is when Emily finds the elf helper and learns that it was a bounty hunter that tried to kill her. The bounty hunter slowly turns to good. The bit I didn’t like is when Emily turned into the fire phoenix and almost kills Trelis, Vigo and the elf helper. The bit I would change is when Emily turns into the fire phoenix, because I don’t want Emily to turn bad. It ruins her being good.

5 stars

Reviewed by Stephen from Newtown and Newtown School , 10 years old

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