Kids’ Club Review by Ann: Granny McFlitter, the champion knitter

Granny McFlitter, the champion knitterGranny McFlitter, the champion knitter, Heather Haylock ; (illustrated by Lael Chisholm)

i think this book is full of funny rhymes and it’s a really great story too, my favourate part was when granny McFlitter knitted the penguins lots of jumpers and coats. my least favourate part was when the ship sank and the penguins were oiled from head to toe! i recommend this book to people who is crazy at knitting just like granny McFlitter!

4 stars

Reviewed by Ann from Karori and Northland School , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Ruby: Wonder

WonderWonder, R.J. Palacio

I loved the book. Wonder tells you that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it just matters about what’s on the inside an easier way to say it is don’t judge a book by its cover. I would recommend this book for 10+ because you need to understand the message behind it. Maybe if you are quite a good reader and you are quite smart, you can probably read it.

5 stars

Reviewed by Ruby from Kilbirnie and Seatoun School , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Isla: Max & the Midknights

Max & the MidknightsMax & the Midknights, Lincoln Peirce

This book is about some kids that were pretending to be knights. They called themselves the Midknights. My favourite part was when zombies came out of gravestones. I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure if they would be alright.

5 stars

Reviewed by Isla from Miramar and Seatoun School , 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Anna: The nature of Ash

The nature of AshThe nature of Ash, Mandy Hager

This book is about a boy who’s Dad dies and he has to go home from university. I found this book hard to read as it is probably suited for older children. My older sister loved it and she is 12. I think children 12 plus would enjoy this book.

3 stars

Reviewed by Anna from Karori and Karori Normal School , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Anna: Klawde : evil alien warlord cat

Klawde : evil alien warlord catKlawde : evil alien warlord cat, by Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth ; illustrated by Robb Mommaerts

Raj’s mother has a new job and they have to move. Raj is unhappy as he loves his life, friends, and apartment. He also wants a cat but when one turns up at the door he thinks luck is on his side. However, Klawde is not what he seems……….I think this book is great and is suitable for children 7 and up.

4 stars

Reviewed by Anna from Karori and Karori Normal School , 10 years old