Read, review and win!

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by adrienne

We all know you love to win prizes, and here’s a really simple way to do it – write a Kids’ Club review!

All you have to do is read something, write a review about it, and you’ll automatically win prizes. The reviews are published online for the whole world to see too -cool!

You’ll get a prize after writing your first 2 reviews, and then after every 5th review from that point on. We’ll send you an email when you’re due a prize, which are available to pick up from your local Wellington City Library.


We also have extra special prizes for thoughtful and well written reviews.


So what are you waiting for? Get reading, get reviewing and start winning!

Mad Science at Khandallah Library

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by Theresa

We had our final session of the Mad Science Mysteries school holiday activties at Khandallah Library on Friday 10th October. It was amazing! The kids absolutely mastered making our zombie cure solution and creating mini volcanos. They had a blast playing with our pink goo which was a corn flour and water mixture that is a liquid but becomes solid when you pinch it in your fingers. In the engineering corner we had children and parents working hard to win a huge handful of lollies by balancing the largest number of books on an A4 paper cylinder. Three girls managed to balance 39 books! We are so grateful to all the librarians that helped make this holiday activity happen and all the parents and kids who came along ready to learn and play.

Craft Kyle Competition – have you entered yet?

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by adrienne

Check out some of the cool entries we’ve already received for the Crafty Kyle Competition:

Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5Entry 6

The Crafty Kyle Competition is part of the Books Go Arty sculpture exhibition that’s touring Wellington City Libraries. The exhibition is currently at Newtown, Brooklyn, and Cummings Park (Ngaio) Libraries. Pop in to see all the cool sculptures made by Wellington school children based on books written by Kyle Mewburn and pick up a competition entry form while you’re there. The competition ends on November 14th.


Make a zine at the Zinefest kids workshop

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by adrienne

What’s a zine? It’s a self-made magazine. Anyone can make one, it can be about anything and look anyway you want it to, and it’s a lot of fun.

Wellington Central Library has a great collection of zines that your can borrow - have a look next time you’re in the city.

Why not have a go at making your own zine?

Zinefest (and annual amazingly fun festival that’s all about zines) kicks off this month. There are heaps of events happening, including a children’s zine workshop at the Central Library.

The workshop is being run by 13 year old award-winning zine maker Dora, with her sisters Oki (9) and Dune (8). They will be talking about ideas for zines, zine-making techniques, and presenting some of their favourite creations. This workshop aims to encourage children to participate in zine-making and introduce them to Wellington Zinefest, and will include a session of zine-making with materials provided by Wellington Zinefest and Wellington City Libraries.



Wellington Central Library, teen area

Saturday 18th October, 10.30am – 12pm

Suitable for Children and teens age 7 and up

Free – just turn up!




Keep up to date with Zinefest though their Facebook page or blog

The Hot Spot Poetry Tour is coming to Wellington


Hot Spot 2Here’s and event you won’t want to miss! This children’s poetry tour is visiting Wellington in October and will feature local authors, children and schools, alongside well-known New Zealand children’s poet Paula Green.


Saturday 18th October, 10.30am

Kilbirnie Children’s Bookshop



Follow the latest news about the tour at Paula Green’s Poetry Box webpage.


Letterbox Cat & Other Poems is Paula Green’s latest book. It’s full of fantastic and funny poems, grab it from your local library today.


Back to school!

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The school holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school! We hope you had a great two week break.

Your teacher is bound to start giving you projects and homework to do – and we’re here to help!

Have you heard about It’s a live online homework help service where you can chat live to a New Zealand Librarian who will help you find the information you need online. It’s a free service and open Monday to Friday 1pm – 6pm. the service is available in English and te Reo.

If you need help outside those times you can go to This is the sister website for and has information about where to find information online for thousands of homework topics.

Of course you can always visit your local Wellington City Library after school and ask the librarians for help finding information -they’re always happy to help!

Give it a go!

Mad Science at Cummings Park Library… with Princess Bubblegum!

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by Theresa

Everyone had a blast at the Cummings Park Library Mad Science school holiday programme.  The two Princess Bubblegums (aka Alisha and Max) added a new experiment into the mix and we made a blue and red volcano.  The Cummings Park kids also managed to balance 41 books on our paper cylinder!  Next up for Mad Science is Khandallah Library – we’ll see if we can make it to 50 books there!

Mad Science at Karori Library

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by Theresa

The October school holiday programme was all about science experiments. It was inspired by the hit TV show and comic book series Adventure Time. Staff dressed up as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time – a princess who frequently saves the day with her knowledge of chemicals and engineering. There was goo, fizzing bowls, simple structures that blew our minds, volcanos and a lolly scramble. It was bonkers and completely awesome!

The kids helped us make a lava lamp and a mixture that was liquid but became solid when you squeezed it. We also managed to balance 25 books on a cylinder made out of a mere sheet of A4 paper. And then we figured out how to make a ‘Zombie Cure Solution’ by combining Monster Blood (red cabbage and vinegar blended), a Cinnamon Bun’s sneeze (flour and cinnamon), ground royal jewels (glitter and baking powder) and some Princess slime (dishwashing liquid). We knew we’d managed to make the solution when it fizzed and changed colour. We talked through the science behind every experiment and we all learnt a lot (librarians included!). The kids had lots of cool books to take home from our science collection and a bunch of lollies.

Drawing class at Johnsonville Library this Friday!

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by debbie

Remember to come along to Johnsonville Library for this month’s free drawing class.


Friday 10th October at 6.30pm

Joyce will be along to teach us a new drawing technique. Last month we created beautiful rainbow pictures.

I can’t wait to see what she has for us this month.

Warning: Not a book for scaredy kids!


Thomas is an ordinary 12 year old boy whose life is very boring until one day he receives an urgent call from his grandmother (who he has never met) to come to an isolated castle and take up the leadership of the Seapeople. At the castle Tom meets his grandmother, a girl called Mari and some surprising sea creatures who have an urgent request. The rats of Droolmoan Cave have escaped and it is up to Tom to defeat them and their horrible queen.




Tom gets a call to help save a village in a far off land, Moratador, from the pillaging of a great terrifying beast, the Granioptrix, controlled by a marauding thug, Ghastmangle. Tom has a dangerous trip by boat, just escapes drowning, as the boat is tossed over rocks, and then travels by Albatross to meet his grandmother and begin the battle of his life. On the last stage to the village, they have to defeat the killer ice bats of Groanlee Pass. Then the huge Granioptrix. One slash of those razor claws and he’s dead. Tom is assisted by two polar bears, some eagles and the young girl archer from the village, Lydia