Top 10 comics July 2015

As popular as some of the new comic series are (Adventure Time Vol. 6 has just hit the shelves) old favourites like Tintin hold their place in the running.  Long before popular film directors were making cameo appearances in their movies Hergé was adding himself into his comics.  Wondering who the blond guy with the big nose is? See if you can spot the creator in these comics.  Let us know in the comments (page number, title of comic and description of the character) and we’ll see if you agree with the experts


1. The complete Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz

2. Pokemon, by Hidenori Kusaka

3. Big Nate series, by Lincoln Pierce

4. Garfield, by Mark Evanier

5. Tintin, by Herge

6. Adventure time series, by Ryan North

7. Amulet series, by Kazu Kibuishi

8. Chi’s sweet home series by Kanata Konmai

9. Asterix omnibus by Goscinny and Udzero

10. Warriors series, by Dan Jolley









Malo e lelei!

Celebrate Tongan Language Week 30th August – 5th September 2015.


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This year’s theme is Fakakaloa Aotearoa ‘aki ‘a e faiva ‘a e Tonga – Enriching Aotearoa with Tongan arts. This celebration provides an opportunity to celebrate through music, song, dance, food, crafts and language.

Did you know…? There are more Tongan people born in New Zealand than there are in Tonga, giving lea faka-Tonga (the Tonga language) and anga faka-Tonga (Tonga culture) a special place here.

Have a go a Lea Faka-Tonga.

The basic level of counting in Tongan is easier then you think. All you have to do is learn the numbers 0-10 then you can count from 1-99. Follow these simple rules.

Counting 1-99 in Tongan

  • numbers 0-9 noa, taha, ua, tolu, fā, nima, ono, fitu, valu, hiva
  • the number for 10 is hongofulu (hoh-ngoh-foo-loo)
  • the number for 100 is teau (teh-ah-oo)
  • every other number is literally the words 0-9 combined: twenty becomes two zero – ua noa
  • three exceptions to the rule 22, 55 and 99 words shortened to uo ua, nime nima, hive hiva

Example: How do you say the following numbers in Tongan?

  1. 19 (nineteen) – taha hiva
  2. 44 (fourty four) – fā fā
  3. 99 (ninety nine) – hive hiva
  4. 87 (eighty seven) – valu fitu

Test: Can you saying the following numbers in Tongan?

  1. 15 (fifthteen)
  2. 33 (thirtythree)
  3. 50 (fifty)
  4. 11 (eleven)

Here are some fun online learning games for Tongan, and a simple guide to the language for beginners.

 Or try a book!


Cool Stories, Bro

Here are some cool stories for you and your bros to enjoy.  All of these stories are either new shiny books we have in our collection or new digital books we have in our eLibrary. They are cool and fun to read guaranteed.

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky by Sandra Dallas

It’s available on Overdrive! Here’s what’s in store: “It’s 1942: Tomi Itano, 12, is a second-generation Japanese American who lives in California with her family on their strawberry farm. Although her parents came from Japan and her grandparents still live there, Tomi considers herself an American. She doesn’t speak Japanese and has never been to Japan. But after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, things change. No Japs Allowed signs hang in store windows and Tomi’s family is ostracized … Sandra Dallas shines a light on a dark period of American history in this story of a young Japanese American girl caught up in the prejudices and World War II.” Goodreads.

Zita the Spacegirl – Far From Home by Ben Hatke

Love this series! There are heaps of copies available in our catalogue! “Zita’s life took a cosmic left turn in the blink of an eye.When her best friend is abducted by an alien doomsday cult, Zita leaps to the rescue and finds herself a stranger on a strange planet. Humanoid chickens and neurotic robots are shocking enough as new experiences go, but Zita is even more surprised to find herself taking on the role of intergalactic hero. Before long, aliens in all shapes and sizes don’t even phase her. Neither do ancient prophecies, doomed planets, or even a friendly con man who takes a mysterious interest in Zita’s quest.” Goodreads.

Deltora Shadowlands by Emily Rodda

I was mega excited when I saw this come into our branch today! It’s books 1-3 of the Deltora Shadowlands series. “Welcome to the Shadowlands — the terrifying and mysterious domain of the evil Shadow Lord. He has gone there to refuel his dark sorcery, taking thousands of Deltoran hostages with him. They will become slaves to the darkness…unless they are saved. To rescue them, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine must find the three parts of the fabled Pirran Pipe, an ancient weapon that may be their only hope of combatting the Shadow Lord’s sinister ambitions. But nothing can prepare them for the monsters and magic that lurk just beyond the light.” Goodreads.

Looking Glass Girl by Cath Cassidy

For all you Alice in Wonderland fans! “Alice nearly didn’t go to the sleepover. Why would Savvy, queen of the school, invite someone like her? Now Alice is lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Lost in a wonderland of dreams and half-formed memories, she’s surrounded by voices – the doctor, her worried friends and Luke, whose kisses the night of the fall took her by surprise . . . When the accident happened her world vanished – can Alice ever find her way back?” Goodreads.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

A very special book that is new to our Overdrive library. “Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely. And then, one day, he was lost.” Goodreads

Fableheaven by Brandon Mull

Reading a fantasy series is always a cool time. Fableheaven is new to our Overdrive library and definitely worth a look!“For centuries mystical creatures of all description were gathered into a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction. The sanctuary survives today as one of the last strongholds of true magic. Enchanting? Absolutely. Exciting? You bet. Safe? Well, actually, quite the opposite.” Goodreads.

Jake in Space – Moon Attack by Candice Lemon-Scott

And if you wish you were in space check out this cool series from our collection. “Jake is sent to remedial space car driving school on the Moon. Nothing could be more embarrassing. He soon uncovers a sinister plot and must summon his courage, and driving skills, to save everyone.” Goodreads.


Some New Kids Fiction Delights to Devour!

Image Courtesy of SyndeticsThe Girl in the Torch by Robert Sharenow
“After her father is killed in a pogrom, twelve-year-old Sarah and her mother immigrate to America–but when her mother dies before they get through Ellis Island, and the authorities want to send her back to the old country, Sarah hides in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.” (Library Catalogue)

Image Courtesy of SyndeticsTiger Boy by Mitali Perkins
A tiger cub has escaped from a reserve in the Sunderbans in West Bengal, India, and Neel, a poor boy from the islands, is determined to find her in order to save her from being captured and sold on the black market by Mr. Gupta and his men.” (Library Catalogue)

Image Courtesy of SyndeticsMasterpiece by Elise Broach
Marvin lives with his family under the kitchen sink in the Pompadays’ apartment. He is very much a beetle. James Pompaday lives with his family in New York City. He is very much an eleven-year-old boy.After James gets a pen-and-ink set for his birthday, Marvin surprises him by creating an elaborate miniature drawing. James gets all the credit for the picture and before these unlikely friends know it they are caught up in a staged art heist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that could help recover a famous drawing by Albrecht Dürer. But James can’t go through with the plan without Marvin’s help. And that’s where things get really complicated (and interesting!).” (Catalogue summary)

Image Courtesy of SyndeticsThe Beast in My Belly  by Grzegorz Kasdepke
A young girl is puzzled, then frightened, by the growling, gurgling, and grunting she hears in her belly, but no one believes she has a beast living there.” (Library Catalogue)

A Semi-Charming Kind of Life Semi-Charming Kind of Life by Suzanne Selfors
“Darling Charming is bored in Damsel-In-Distressing class. She’d much rather be in Hero Training with her brothers. The only thing is, she has secretly been helping her brother Dexter ace the class. If anyone finds out, a scandal would erupt at Ever After High. One of the most prestigious families in town, the Charmings have a reputation to uphold. Darling is destined to be a damsel…but this Rebel may want to decide her own destiny.” (Library Catalogue)

3 new children’s fiction: Superhero and Lego Madness

We know you can’t get enough of Star Wars, Lego, and Star Wars Lego. So here’s some new books for you to get your hands on. They’re bound to be popular, so you might have to reserve them and wait your turn.

Big Hero 6 : the essential guide.

Seen the movie? Time to experience the high tech super hero excitement of Disney’s Big Hero 6 in this amazing guide. You will get to explore the futuristic streets of San Fransokyo, and learn all about Hiro’s amazing allies, as the team undertakes a quest to stop the evil plans of a mysterious villain.




LEGO Ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu: Secret world of the Ninja.

Enter the world of Lego Ninjago and discover the secrets of the ninja. A book for only the bravest warriors who have what it takes to complete this epic journey.





LEGO Star Wars character encyclopedia.

Discover a galaxy of Lego Star Wars mini figures in this fully updated and expanded guide. Meet all your favourites from the movie saga, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, and find out fascinating facts about rare and exclusive releases. A must have read for all Lego and Star Wars fans,








New eBook reading room for Children

Love eBooks? We do too! Now it’s been made even easier to find the eBooks you want – through the Overdrive Kids’ Reading Room.

Overdrive ImageThe Kids’ Reading Room collects together all the Children’s eBooks in the library Overdrive Collection into one place. If you’re an advanced reader, why not check out the Teen Reading Room?

Inside the Kids’ Reading Room you can search for titles, series or authors, select from a list of subjects, find the newest or most popular books, and find books that a perfect for your reading level.

It’s now so much easier to find your next reading obsession!

NiHao! Chinese language storytimes for Children

Storiesand Rhymes small white logoCome along to free weekly Chinese Storytimes at the Wellington Central Library.

Featuring stories, songs, rhymes and fun, these Mandarin session are perfect for children and their families who want to learn Mandarin as a second or foreign language. Fluent mandarin speakers will enjoy these storytimes too.

Stories & Rhymes! sessions are led by teachers from the Ni Hao Children’s Community Charitable Trust


Wellington Central Library, every Thursday, 10am to 10.30am

Free, bookings are not required.

Top 10 children’s dvds for July 2015

Animation rules!  But wait – real people are acting in the new entry, at number 8: Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day - I think some parents might have snuck this into the pile.  A funny tale of woe, we can all relate to the calamities that befall this family.  Jennifer Garner and Steve Carell have great comic timing and Ed Oxenbould a Bondi local boy has been showing great promise as a young actor.

1. My little pony, friendship is magic

2. Legends of Chima

3. Strawberry Shortcake

4. Dragons

5. Dino Dan

6. Big Hero 6

7. Paddington

8. Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

9. The BoxTrolls

10. SpongeBob SquarePants.

Attention aspiring dancers!

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is coming back in August for more Ballet Storytimes in the library. They were so popular during the school holidays, you won’t want to miss them this time!

titania-on-stars-ImageLegendary dancer and performer Sir Jon Trimmer introduces A Midsummer Night’s Dream – one of Shakespeare’s best-loved stories that has inspired generations of choreographers and dancers around the world – ahead of the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s brand new production, opening in Wellington on 20 August.


Perfect for primary school aged children, this is a chance to learn about ballet steps and positions – and to try them out– explore the art of mime and gesture, and hear one of the wonderful stories of the world’s greatest ballets, from an icon of New Zealand dance who has performed them all.


Saturday 1st August: Wellington Central Library at 11am

Saturday 8th August: Karori Library at 11am

Saturday 15th August: Johnsonville Library at 11am

Saturday 22nd August: Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) Library at 11am

Top 10 Children’s non-fiction titles in July 2015

The creative types are storming their way through the LEGO and Minecraft books in the children’s collection. Those curious about the animal kingdom and the Marvel Avengers universe have also racked up some heavy borrowing from the non-fiction areas.  The Marvel Avengers has a great character list, 207 heroes and villains listed in alphabetical order for any queries you have from the comics or movies.  If these popular titles are out in your library you can request a copy or maybe we can lend you an eBook copy.

1. Minecraft hacks master builder, Megan Miller

2. The LEGO ideas book, by Daniel Lipkowitz

3. Star Wars, by David West Reynolds

4. Minecraft, by Nick Farwell

5. Star Wars character encyclopedia, by Simon Beecroft

6. Lego Star Wars by Simon Beecroft

7. Minecraft, by Matthew Needler

8. First big book of animals, Catherine D. Hughes

9. Marvel Avengers, by Alan Cowsill

10. Minecraft, by Stephanie Milton