New ‘The BFG’ movie traliers

We know you’re as excited as us about the upcoming release of the movie The BFG. So we thought you’d appreciate watching the latest movie trailers.



You can grab a copy of The BFG from your local library as a book, eBook, an audiobook on CD, and an animated TV movie from 2012.

Keep your ears and eyes tuned to Wellington City Libraries as we will have some exciting news soon about a BFG event that we know you won’t want to miss out on.

Top 10 Children’s eBooks April 2016

Fantasy and adventure are the picks for those that read electronically.  You can stream or download titles easily using the Library apps from Borrow Box or Overdrive.  Where will your adventure take you?

Theme parks can recreate the magic of locations created in the imagination of authors and give you a taste of what it’s like to wander around in them. Universal Studios has recreated Daigon Alley and Hogsmeade complete with wands, butter beer and a fire breathing dragon atop of Gringotts.  Now the challenge is on! what amazing location in a book or comic would you like to see recreated? Let us know in the comments below.


1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by, J.K.Rowling

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by, J.K.Rowling

3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by, J.K.Rowling

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by, J.K.Rowling

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by, J.K.Rowling

6. The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien

7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by, J.K.Rowling

8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by, J.K.Rowling

9. The Ugly Truth: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, by Jeff Kinney

10. Mission Hurricane: The 39 Clues: Doublecross Series, by Jenny Goebel

Pop-up Shakespeare Forsooth!

Do you love to act the fool? Now you can do it at the library!

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand will have actors from various local theatre groups to come in to Central Library at 11am-12pm on one Saturday per month for the rest of this year.

They will be performing scenes from selected plays, with four plays per event. Anyone’s welcome to join in -trust us, it’s a lot of fun!

Check out the dates and plays for Pop-up Shakespeare;

May 21: Henry VI, Richard III, The Taming of the shrew, The Two Gentlemen of Verona
June 25: Love’s Labour’s Lost, Richard II, Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
July 23: The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry IV, parts 1 & 2
August 20: Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It
September 17: Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Troilus & Cressida, All’s Well That Ends Well
October 15: Measure For Measure, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
November 12: Antony & Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Timon of Athens, Pericles, The Two Noble Kinsmen
December 10: Cymbeline, The Winter’s Tale, The Tempest, Henry VIII, Cardenio

To see if other Shakespeare events at Wellington City Libraries are coming up, go to Shakespeare lives at the library

Top 10 Children’s fiction April 2016

If you know what it’s like to pick other people’s noses or survive tinned tongue at the dinner table it’s highly likely you’ve read one the David Walliam‘s books in April’s Top 10.

Grandpa’s great escape proves you’re never too old to adventure, take a look at the author reading the book right here.  And when it comes to the trials of Zoe and the safety of her pet Armitage… prepare to be slightly (or maybe a bit more) disgusted by the characters in Ratburger.

Have you ever had to rescue one of your pets from dire circumstances? Let us know your adventures in the comments.


Here’s your top 10:

1. Diary of a wimpy kid, by Jeff Kinney

2. Tom Gates. by Liz Pichon

3. Storey-treehouse series, by Andy Griffiths

4. Dirty Bertie series, by Alan MacDonald

5. Where’s Wally? by Martin Handford

6. Big Nate series, by Lincoln Peirce

7. Grandpa’s great escape, by David Walliams

8. Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot, by Dav Pilkey

9. Puppy love, by Rachel Renee Russell

10. Ratburger, by David Walliams

Top 5 family DVDs to watch during winter

The holidays are over but winter is well on it’s way. So come on down to your local library for DVDs to watch while you hibernate.

Check out the following five DVD recommendations, many that I watched (on video tape) during my childhood, and are still family favourites today:


lochness1) Loch Ness.

Is the Loch Ness monster real? A scientist (Ted Danson) sets out to Scotland to try and prove it’s existence. However nothing can prepare him for the magical journey ahead of him. Overall, it’s a beautiful, heart-warming film without losing sight of its main theme, not to mention a brief cameo from “Nessie” which  is heart-warmingly portrayed, thanks to the  creature effects by the Jim Henson Creature Shop.


goonies_2) The Goonies.

The Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  A true family classic that pays homage to the 1980s aka your parents’ generation.




HEIDI3) Heidi.

After charming her reclusive grandfather and falling in love with the beautiful mountain he calls home, Heidi is uprooted and sent to Frankfurt where she befriends Klara, a young girl confined to a wheelchair. Interesting fact: The actress, Patricia Neal, who plays Peter’s Grandmother was married to Roald Dahl.



image courtesy of amazon.com4) The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

What happens when you put together a curious cat and a pug nosed pup? Why The Adventures of Milo and Otis of course. Watch this movie and join Milo (an orange tabby cat) and Otis (a pug) on an epic adventure when they leave the farm for the first time and venture out into the big, bad world, while getting separated, then reuniting and making some new friends along the way. A must see film for all the animal lovers out there.


image courteesy of amazon.comimage courtesy of amazon.com5) The NeverEnding Story and The NeverEnding Story II.

A lonely boy, Bastian finds solace in magical book that tells a story of a young warrior whose task is to stop a dark storm called the Nothing from engulfing a fantasy world called Fantasia. But Bastian is yet realise his importance in role of destroying the nothing and ensuring the  survival of Fantasia and all its  inhabitants.








7 new back to school non fiction

Term Two has kicked off and we are heading into the coldest months.

But don’t despair! This means that you  have lots of indoor afternoons and evenings to read some amazing books.

Here are some picks from the non-fiction pile:


image courtesy of syndeticsMuch Ado About Shakespeare.

Take a peek behind the curtain to discover the boy, the youth, the man behind some of the greatest works of literature. The life and times of William Shakespeare are richly imagined in this unique biography told using quotes from the Bard himself.



image courtesy of syndetics100 most indestructible Things on the Planet.

This book is full of the roughest and toughest animals, plants and materials you’ll ever come across.




image courtesy of syndeticsLet’s Cook Spanish.

Let’s cook Spanish collects 30 of the most classic, traditional Spanish dishes from tapas to apella and optimizes them for your whole family to cook and enjoy together. Each recipe appears in both English and Spanish so you can even pick a few Spanish words  as you are cooking along.



image courtesy of syndeticsJungle Animals.

Safari Sam knows loads about all sorts of jungle animals. From orangutans to chameleons and everything in between. Find out about jungle predators, swinging chimpanzees and brightly coloured parrots and frogs through the simple text and other bite-sized facts. Great for primary school aged kids.



image courtesy of syndeticsPolar Animals.

Safari Sam knows loads about all sorts of polar animals. From polar bears to penguins and everything in between. Find out about polar predators, shaggy muskoxen and huge killer whales through the simple text and other bite-sized facts. Safari Sam’s Wild Animals (and Nora the Naturalist’s Animals) are brilliant introductory books for young readers aged 5+ in the high-interest area of popular animals.


image courtesy of syndeticsWeird but true! : gross.

Get ready to be grossed out–in a good way! This latest addition to the crazy popular Weird but True series is slimy and sticky and jam-packed with more icky, zany fun! Step up to the plate and try not to lose your lunch, with 300 all-new, amazing facts plus photos that kids just can’t get enough of.



image courtesy of syndeticsThe Olympics: Ancient and Modern.

It’s less than five months before the 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off in Rio. Here is your chance to get hold of this amazing book: The Olympics: Ancient and Modern, and discover the amazing history behind the world’s greatest event. Also read about the origins of the Olympics in Ancient Greece, how it nearly disappeared and uncover the story behind its reinvention more than 100 years ago. One book to have on hand for any Olympics school projects and homework.




Top children’s fiction authors for May

Here’s a joke: Why did the librarian slip over? Because she was in the non-friction section!! Get it?

No one like falling over, so we aren’t going to talk about non-fiction today. This post is all about FICTION.

We love fiction, you love fiction, everyone loves fiction! So here are the most popular children’s fiction authors for this month, based on how many of their books have been borrowed from the library.


1. Daisy Meadows (Rainbow Magic, Magic Animal Friends series)

2. Geronimo Stilton (Geronimo and Thea Stilton series)

3. Enid Blyton (classics stories of adventure and bad behaviour)

4. Erin Hunter (Warriors series)

5. Sally Rippin (Billie B Brown and Hey Jack series)

6. Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid series)

7. Adam Blade (Beast Quest series)

8. Jacqueline Wilson (amazing stories about different lives and adventures)

9. Liz Pichon (Tom Gates series, and picture books)

10. Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson series)

11. Roald Dahl (Charlie and the chocolate factory and other funny tales)

12. Andy Griffiths (Storey-treehouse series)

13. Megan McDonald (Judy Moody and Stick series)

14. Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants series)

15. Francesca Simon (Horrid Henry series)

16. Alan MacDonald (Dirty Bertie series)

17. H. I. Larry (Zac Powers series)

18. David Walliams (Hilarious stories)

19. Jacqueline Harvey (Alice Miranda series)

20. Rachel Renee Russell (Dork Diaries series)

Top 10 Children’s DVDs for April 2016

Movie world meets comic land.  There’s a lot of it about these days!  April’s top ten sees DC making the grade in children’s DVDs with Justice League. Just in time for Free Comic Book Day 2016!  Teaming with Lego to create a space faring super hero caper this is sure to entertain children and a few adults!

Let us know if you grab any free comics, this international event turns 15 this year.

Head to the library and with your library card you can join in! We’ve hundreds of comics to choose from, yours, free with your library card for a standard 3 weeks =) or head to Graphic comics for Saturday 7 May 2016


1. My little pony, friendship is magic.
2. Inside out
3. Geronimo Stilton.
4. Minions
5. Legends of Chima.
6. Hotel Transylvania.
7. Strawberry Shortcake.
8. Home
9. Dragons
10. Justice League.

5 Years of Award Winning Kids’ Fiction

Stuck for new book ideas? Try one of these New Zealand Book Awards winners!

2015 winner: Monkey Boy by Donovan Bixley

“This is not a story of cotton candy-candy capers. It is a story of gruesome horrors, awful amputations and ghastly ghouls…….. It’s a rough life at sea, so grab a bucket and hold onto your guts. This is going to get really ugly.”



2014 winner: Dunger by Joy Cowley

“William and Melissa have been roped into helping their hippie grandparents fix up their holiday home. They’ll have no electricity, no cellphone reception, and only each other for company. As far as they are concerned, this is NOT a holiday.”



2013 winner: My Brother’s War by David Hill

“It’s New Zealand, 1914, and World War One has just broken out in Europe. William eagerly enlists for the army but his younger brother, Edmund, refuses to fight and gets arrested. Both brothers will end up on the bloody battlefields, but their journeys there are very different.”



2012 winner: Super Finn by Leonie Agnew 

“When Mr Patel asks his class what they’d like to be when they grow up, Finn chooses ‘Superhero’. Finn knows what he needs: superpowers, a hideout, an outfit and….oh, yeah, to save someone’s life. Impossible? Not with a sidekick like the amazing Brian.”



2011 winner: Finnigan and the Pirates by Sherryl Jordan

“Wildbloode the Wicked is the fiercest, most ferocious pirate in all the seven seas. All she wants is for her nephew to follow in her footsteps. But Finnigan’s not interest-all he wants to do is dance!”



Head into your nearest library to find a copy, or reserve one online!

Top 10 Children’s comics April 2016

Asterix and Obelix have new creators, Conrad and Ferri!   With the blessing of the remaining Asterix creator Albert Udzero, these two are creating some great new adventures for our Gaulish heroes.

Where do you think they will send our heroes next? Where would you set an adventure for Asterix and Obelix? Let us know in the comments.

1. Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz

2. Pokemon, by Hidenori Kusaka

3. Big Nate, by Lincoln Peirce

4. Asterix, by Goscinny and Udzero

5. Tintin, by Herge

6. Garfield, by Mark Evanier

7. Amulet, by Kazu Kibuishi

8. Adventure time, by Ryan North

9. Chi’s sweet home, by Kanata Konami

10. Sonic Saga series, by Ian Flynn