Draw Along with Paul Beavis at Karori Library!

Learn from the master himself!

During the April school holidays, we are lucky to be hosting superstar author and illustrator Paul Beavis (Nee Naw, There Was an Odd Farmer Who Swallowed a Fly, Ring Ting Tūī) for a fantastic workshop at Te Māhanga Karori Library.

Come along to Karori Library at 2pm on Friday the 26th of April to meet Paul, learn all about how a picture book gets made, and draw along with him to pick up some new skills from the master. Who knows, you might even be inspired to start writing your own picture book!

Space is limited, so registrations are required — sign up here. This workshop is suitable for tamariki aged 6+ with their caregivers.

To get you excited, here are some of our favourite books from Paul’s catalogue, all available to reserve from the library:

Mrs. Mo’s monster / Beavis, Paul
“A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo’s help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought, but that’s not the only surprise Mrs. Mo has in store”–Publisher information.” (Catalogue)

Hello World / Beavis, Paul
“Monster is bored, but Mr. and Mrs. Mo are too busy to play. Monster decides to go off on an adventure.” (Catalogue)

Nee Naw the little fire engine / Yipadee, Deano
“The sing-along story of Nee Naw the Little Fire Engine is now available in a new board book edition! Granny’s in trouble – her house is on fire and she is trapped! The two big engines go roaring off to help but both suffer misfortune on the way to Granny’s place. Time for Nee Naw to step up and show what he can do! “–Publisher information.” (Catalogue)

Stink-o-saurus / Yipadee, Deano
“Stan was a rare dinosaur, a one of a kind. Most from their front, HIS roar came from his BEHIND! Youll split your pants laughing at Stan, the worlds only STINK-O-SAURUS. But can his stinky antics save the day and keep Tommy T-Rex far away?” (Catalogue)

There was an odd farmer who swallowed a fly / Millett, Peter
“Peek through the holes in the pages to see what the odd farmer swallows in this favourite nursery rhyme with a pitch-perfect Kiwi twist!”–Publisher information.” (Catalogue)

Become an expert joke-teller / Moffatt, Tom
“Tired of no-one laughing at your jokes? You don’t have to be. Joke-telling is a skill, like playing the piano or juggling live hedgehogs. This book teaches you that skill with easy-to-follow instructions and simple exercises”–Back cover.” (Catalogue)

Take me to your leader / Agnew, Leonie
“Eleven-year-old Lucas has got a new worry to add to his long, long list – his rural school is on the Ministry of Education’s list for closure. What’s his mum going to do if he and his sister have to start travelling to a school an hour or two away? […] He and his friends come up with a mad idea to revive their town and save their school –they stage an alien encounter. […] Before Lucas knows it, he’s lost control of his plot, and a chain of unpredictable (and often hilarious) events that follow are quickly turning to chaos!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Ring Ting Tūī / Roo, Elena de
“The familiar antics of one of New Zealand’s favourite native birds have been captured by award-winning picture book creators Elena de Roo and Paul Beavis. SQUAWK! Things are getting loud! The kowhai branch is bending … what a sticky tūī crowd! Have the tūī slurped too much kowhai nectar to make an escape? Bursting with fun – and nectar! – this melodious tūī story will have children and adults joining in with the tūī sounds until they too fall to the ground, just like the crowd of too many tūī. Elena de Roo’s sparse use of clever text and impeccable rhythm is combined with Paul Beavis’s artwork that oozes with character, creating a special picture book fit for a clutch of chaotic tūī, and finished off with ten fascinating tūī facts.” (Catalogue)

Find out more about Paul, and keep up to date with his releases at his website: Paul Beavis – Author and Illustrator

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