Tawa BookBusters

We had a great session at Tawa BookBusters this month as we looked at our brand new Kids Online Book Club. You can earn prizes just by writing up a review of what you have been reading. The more reviews that you write the more prizes you win. We had plenty of awesome reviews at this months session so write them all up on the review page and start earning points towards your first prize.

We also had lots of certificates to give out this month as this is the last time that we will be meeting together as a group but we look forward to keeping in touch with everyone through the Kids Online Book Club




Johnsonville Library BookBuster Reviews

Here are some great reviews from our Johnsonville BookBusters for this month.

Holly has been reading Ivy + Bean by Annie Barrows. This story is about Bean who becomes friends with her new neighbour Ivy. Bean discovers that Ivy is training to be a witch and Ivy offers to help Bean play a trick on her annoying sister by putting a dancing spell on her. Holly really enjoyed this book.


Amanda has been reading a famous five story – Five on Finniston Farm. There is a ruined castle on the farm and the only thing that remains are the dungeons. Two annoying Americans arrive on the farm and start looking around the castle for some treasure but the famous five decide to find out about the treasure before the Americans do.


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Noah has been reading Exploring the Titanic. He found out that the Titanic broke into two pieces after it hit an iceberg. This book showed how they sent a camera into the sunken ship showing parts of the ship that have not been seen for a long time. His favourite picture in the book is after the ship has broken in two and the stern is right up in the air just before it sinks into the water.

Tawa Library BookBuster Reviews

Check out Tawa BookBuster reviews for this month.

Natalie has been reading a book called The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. It is part of a series called Magic Far-away tree. The tree changes every time and each story is different.  Natalie’s favourite part is where Saucepan (one of the characters) turns into a rabbit.


Hayden has enjoyed reading a series called The 39 Clues. This month he has read 3 books in the series, numbers 1, 4, and 6. He likes the 4th book the most because it has Egyptian statues in it and they make fake statues to trick other people with it.  His favourite part is when they go into the Egyptian tombs and the lights go out. The statue has poison darts under her fingernails and they have to avoid her.


Alicia has been reading Judy Moody gets famous  by Megan MacDonald. Everyone in her family has been on T.V. or radio except Judy.  She has a plan to get herself on the T.V. but it is not a very nice plan. Alicia gave this book 9 out of 10 stars.


Jack has been reading Geronimo Stilton’s book Kingdom of Fantasy. This is the 2nd book in the series. Geronimo enters a spaghetti eating contest and breaks the record. He falls asleep at home and dreams of the Kingdom of Fantasy where he has to choose a heart. But it has to be the right heart or else he would lose his own. Jack really enjoyed this book.


Bethany has been reading a book called Miss Popularity by Francesco Sedita. It is a story about Cassie Knight who goes to school in Texas and is very popular and has lots of friends. Her family then move to Maine and she has to make new friends at her new school. This school is much harder for her and her classmates are not into fashion the way her old schoolmates were. Cassie’s new classmates make fun of her. Bethany really enjoyed this book and gave it 9 out of 10.

Tawa BookBusters in July

It was party time this month at Tawa BookBusters with lots of fun, food and books books books. Thanks for all your great reviews which you will see posted here – so keep a watch out.

July is the time we usually say goodbye to our graduating BookBusters but no one has turned nine at Tawa yet so we all get to stay. Yay!!

We did have one BookBuster receive his 6 month certificate -well done! 

Check out the photos of us enjoying our activites, food and mystery prizes.

Book review by Emily

I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The authors name was JK Rowling. The best bit was when Harry was at Hogwarts, but the bad bit was when Malfoy was chosen to be a Death Eater and showed the mark of the Death Eaters. But the main characters were Harry and his friends. In the story Slughorn invites Harry and Neville for tea. I really like the fight with Voldemort but the funniest was when I saw a sign that said “Why worry about you-know-who when you should be worrying about u-no-poo!”


Book review by Emily from Karori BookBusters

Johnsonville BookBusters

It was graduation time at Johnsonville BookBusters this month where we had to say farewell to our graduating 9 year olds.  We are sad to see you go guys, but I am sure you will keep up with all the great reading.

We enjoyed hearing your awesome reviews (coming soon so watch this space) and we had plenty of fun with our word play and chants, not to mention all the great food, fun mystery prizes and certificates that were handed out.

Check out all the great photos from our session.

Book Review by Amy

The Magic Violin by Victor Kelleher.

The Magic Violin is about a boy who can’t play the violin properly and when he does the cat is sick on the floor, Dad slips on the cat’s sick and falls over, Mum screams and drops the baby in the sink, the baby screams back at her with a face full of dishwater and the dog bites the end of its tail off. But then the violin takes charge… The best part was when the baby was learning to swim and there was no worst part. I think that it was written for both girls and boys. I recommend it to five to nine year olds.

Book review by Amy from Karori BookBusters