Kilbirnie Library Kids’ Club Kete are here!

Kia ora koutou, kids and parents! We have a super exciting announcement for you this week!

Kids Club Kete have landed at Kilbirnie Library!

Kids’ Club Kete are bags of books, specially selected by our librarians, that you can grab and borrow from Te Whare Pukapuka o Te Awa-a-Taia (Ruth Gotlieb) Kilbirnie Library!

Each kete contains a treasure trove of books around a theme, such as comics, easy to read, picture books or non-fiction.

Kete are perfect for a deep dive into your favourite topics!


Kids' Club Kete image of a Friendly Monster

A friendly monster decorates some of our kete!

Do you like to dance? We’ve got a kete on dancing.

Do you like to learn about Dinosaurs? We’ve got a kete all about dinosaurs!

Want to read some books about Aotearoa or books by Aotearoa authors? We’ve definitely got the kete for that!

Do you like ghost stories? We’ve got a whole kete full of spooky stories just for you!

Or, are you more into adventure stories? Don’t worry – we’ve got a kete just for that.

Image of a Kids' Club Kete

Kids’ kete bags come in several cute designs!

These awesome Kids’ Club Kete are also available at other branch libraries around Wellington!

Currently, kete are avalaible at Karori Library, Johnsonville Library, and at Tawa Library, so pop over to your favourite branch to pick up some new favourite books!





Family Lockdown Challenge: Kids’ Club eBook Reviews

Our last two Family Lockdown Challenges have focussed on things you can do and things you can build from the comfort of your own bubble. For this next one, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your chair. Read on to find out more!

Libraries, as I’m sure you know, are generally known for having books. Heaps and heaps and heaps of books. And even though our buildings are closed, making the 800,000-odd books they hold unavailable for now, we still have plenty of books for you — eBooks! Our eBook services, like OverDrive, BorrowBox, and more, are available 24/7 from the eLibrary — all you need is your library card number and PIN, and you’re set.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to borrow a book from our eLibrary, write a book review, and post it to the Kids’ Club review section on this very blog. At the top of the screen, click Kids’ Club, then follow the instructions to access the review form and submit it! Once that’s all done, and your review has been read by one of our lovely librarians, it will be published online for everyone to read.

Even better, once our libraries reopen, you’ll be able to redeem your book reviews for special prizes from your local library. The more reviews you write, the more prizes you’ll earn. How awesome is that?!

Did you know that eBooks can fly? They fly right around our heads until they land in your device, ready to be read!

Before you all rush off to write your first review, here are a couple of words about writing a good book review:

  • Tell us what you thought about the book! We don’t want to just read a description of the plot.
  • Useful questions to ask yourself include:
    • How did I feel at the beginning of the book?
    • How did I feel at the end? Was there a change?
    • Who was my favourite/least favourite character? Why?
    • Did this book give me any new ideas? If so, what are they?
    • Who else might like this book? Why?
    • If I had written this book, would I have changed anything about it? What, and why?
  • Be creative! We love to read reviews in the form of poems, short stories, reviews written with emojis.
  • Be careful with the boring things like spelling and punctuation. This isn’t school — you won’t be disqualified if you spell “discombobulated” wrong — but having good spelling and punctuation makes it easier for everyone else to understand what you mean!

While you’re writing your reviews, don’t forget to read through other kids’ reviews too — there are thousands and thousands of them and who knows, you may just find a book you’d like to read yourself! Happy reading!

Write reviews, win prizes!

sidebar-tab-defaultRead something great that you want to tell the world about? Or maybe you’ve read something that you didn’t like and want to warn people off.

Either way, we would love to receive your book reviews. Write a Kids’ Club review and you will automatically win prizes. You can collect a prize after your first 2 reviews, and then every 5th review from then on. Easy!

If you’re ever stuck for something to read, you can check out the books that others have written reviews about and find one that grabs your interest.

What are you waiting for? Get reading – get reviewing – get winning!

Merry Christmas from the Kids’ Blog!

We hope you have a great Christmas holiday. Us librarians will also be taking a break and having a holiday too.


The libraries will be closed over the Christmas and New Year long weekends. You can find the opening hours on our website.

Library storytimes are also on holiday and have now finished for 2015. They start back on the 6th of January onwards.


Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to stock up on your holiday reading. Our e-library is open 24/7 throughout the holidays. You can download eBooks, eAudiobooks, comics and magazines to your device.


Don’t forget to write Kids’ Club reviews for your reading – there are lots of prizes up for grabs. And if you happen to read a title that’s on our Summer Reading Challenge list then you’ll go into the draw for an amazing prize pack drawn at the end of January.


We hope you have a fun and happy festive season. See you in 20161

Hey Kids! Write a review – win prizes. It’s Easy Peasy.

kidsclub-sidebarCheck out the library Kids’ Club – it’s an online place where you can find out what other kids have been reading and what they think of the books, and where you can write your own reviews. But did you know that every person that has written those reviews received prizes for them? You can too! Each review you write earns you prizes that you can collect from your library. It’s fun, easy and free.

(Keep an eye out for the Kids’ Club Summer Reading Challenge – where there are heaps more cool prizes up for grabs. Starts in December)

Click over to the Kids’ Club webpage to get started.

Win Pixar prize packs for writing reviews

We have 5 ‘Inside Out’ prize packs to give away to this week’s Kids’ Club reviewers. Inside Out is the new Pixar movie being released this month.


Each awesome prize pack contains a tshirt, hard back journal, puzzle, and some stickers. All you have to do is write a Kids’ Club review of something you’ve read recently, and each review written his week will go in the draw to win one of these cool packs!

Read, review and win!

We all know you love to win prizes, and here’s a really simple way to do it – write a Kids’ Club review!

All you have to do is read something, write a review about it, and you’ll automatically win prizes. The reviews are published online for the whole world to see too -cool!

You’ll get a prize after writing your first 2 reviews, and then after every 5th review from that point on. We’ll send you an email when you’re due a prize, which are available to pick up from your local Wellington City Library.


We also have extra special prizes for thoughtful and well written reviews.


So what are you waiting for? Get reading, get reviewing and start winning!

Love reading? Love winning prizes?

Then you’ll love Kids’ Club!

Kids’ Club is simple – you don’t have to join or register, it’s free, and anyone aged between 5-12 years old with their own Wellington City Libraries card can do it.

All you have to do is read, review and WIN!

READ: any book, magazine, comic

REVIEW: write a review, whcih will be published on the reviews page of this Kids Blog for everyone in the world to find and comment on.

WIN: you automatically win prizes for your awesome reviews. Any reviews that are particularly thoughtful or inspiring may also win extra special prizes and go on the Kids home page.



Not sure what to read? Why not check out the reviews that other kids have written, and then write your own review of it. If you like (or disagree) with someone’s opinion, then feel free to write a comment on their review (you can do this by clicking on the green ‘comments’ link at the bottom of each review on the blog).

The Summer Reading Challenge is here!

Read, review and win prizes – take part in the 2013-2014 Summer Reading Challenge.

All you need to do it grab a booklist from your local library (or check it out on our website) and start reading.

The challenge is to read as many books from the list as you can before Sunday 2nd February. Write a Kids’ Club review for each book and earn prizes. Each review will also get you an entry into the Summer Reading Challenge main prize draw (drawn in February).

The booklist is full of fun and interesting things to read – fiction, non-fiction, comics, puzzle books, award winners, New Zealand books, and loads more – there’s 50 to chose from!

Check out the Kids’ Club page for more info and some rules.