Johnsonville Library BookBuster Reviews

Here are some great reviews from our Johnsonville BookBusters for this month.

Holly has been reading Ivy + Bean by Annie Barrows. This story is about Bean who becomes friends with her new neighbour Ivy. Bean discovers that Ivy is training to be a witch and Ivy offers to help Bean play a trick on her annoying sister by putting a dancing spell on her. Holly really enjoyed this book.


Amanda has been reading a famous five story – Five on Finniston Farm. There is a ruined castle on the farm and the only thing that remains are the dungeons. Two annoying Americans arrive on the farm and start looking around the castle for some treasure but the famous five decide to find out about the treasure before the Americans do.


Image courtesy of syndetics

Noah has been reading Exploring the Titanic. He found out that the Titanic broke into two pieces after it hit an iceberg. This book showed how they sent a camera into the sunken ship showing parts of the ship that have not been seen for a long time. His favourite picture in the book is after the ship has broken in two and the stern is right up in the air just before it sinks into the water.