Winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition!

A huge ovation for the winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition!

Amelia Major, Katie Chu-Fong, Matthew Yang went to Karori, Central and Johnsonville libraries to collect their prizes. They received a library bag full of books (some were even signed by Kyle Mewburn!), library concession cards and other fun goodies…

We received over 100 entries and they were all fantastic!

Thanks to all the children who contributed to the competition, Kyle Mewburn will find some inspirational ideas from your drawings!

matthew photo2

Matthew collecting his prize from Johnsonville library
photo Katie Chu-Fong2
Katie collecting her prize from Miramar library

Crafty Kyle Competition Winners!

The Crafty Kyle Competition is now over. The participants had to come up with a new imaginary story by Kyle Mewburn and design a book cover for it. We got heaps of entries… Well done everyone!

The winners of the Crafty Kyle Competition have now been announced.

Amelia Major won the 5 to 7 years old category. Well done for such a poetic and light-hearted drawing…

Amelia Major

Katie Chu-Fong won the 8 to 10 years old category. Very colourful and dynamic scene that you created for the “Vegetable Choir”.

katie Chu-Fong

The champion of the 11 to 13 years old category is Matthew Yang. The character Andy looks so fun and real in his cardboard boxes castle!

matthew Yang

The winners will be collecting their library prizes this week. Books signed by Kyle Mewburn will be one of the treats in the prize pack! Maybe your drawings will inspire Kyle Mewburn for one of his future books…

Hallowe’en party at Kilbirnie Library

On the day before Hallowe’en, an enthusiastic group of spooky characters joined witch/librarian Sandra at Kilbirnie Library for interactive stories themed around Hallowe’en. Stories shared included Room on the Broom, What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen and Bedtime for Monsters. Afterwards, the junior ghouls took home more spooky stories to share with their families. It was great to see them relish the stories and join in the fun!

Halloween @ Kilbirnie2Halloween @ Kilbirnie1


Books Go Arty exhibition: Duck’s stuck!

Duck waddled. Duck quacked. Duck ate grass. Duck napped. All is well in the farmyard…until…. ”Help! I’m stuck!” quacks Duck!  None of the farmyard animals can free Duck. None that is, except for crafty Rat. But does Rat have an alterior motive….?

You can find a fabulous feathery parade of bright yellow ducks right now at Central Library and at Island Bay Community Center. And if you look very closely, you might just find a certain crafty Rat. These bright and dynamic sculptures have been created by the brilliant children at Tawa school and Clifton Tce Model School.

It is part of Wellington City Libraries Books Go Arty With Kyle Mewburn Exhibition. The exhibition is on at Island Bay, Karori and Central Libraries until the 14th of November. Don’t forget to check it out!


duck at Central












Mad Science Holiday Activities at Kilbirnie and Miramar Libraries

We had so much fun last week saving NZ endangered animals! DOC has just launched a new App “Habitat, the game” and we’ve done lots of activities to understand better why our NZ animals are so special. Puzzles, mazes, worksheets but also hands on activities: Why do Whales have teeth or baleens? Have a go yourself by trying to collect pepper in water with either a toothbrush or a comb… Why do kiwis have a long curvy bill? We found out by using tweezers to dig for worms (fake ones!) in a bin full of soil! FUN!

IMG_0011 2014-09-29 23 22 07






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2014-09-29 22 34 51IMG_0013


Be a conservation hero!

habitat the gameThe Department of Conservation has launched the New Zealand version of a fun app-based game for smart phones called “Habitat the Game”. If you go around Wellington (Zealandia, Wellington Zoo, Island Bay Marine Reserve and many other places…) looking for New Zealand endangered animals you will learn more about them and you might help them survive.

Real life actions combined with fun in-game missions!

As a bonus there is FREE entry for kids and the first 100 adults at Zealandia on Saturday 4th October from 11am to 3pm for the launch of this game. There are prizes to be won too!


Edward the Magician at Karori Library

Edward the Magnificent came to Karori Library for a magic show a couple of weeks ago, and about 88 people were indeed amazed – there are still people talking about the card trick at the end! Thank you to everyone who braved the cold weather to come out that evening, we’re hoping Edward will come back in the future when he says he’ll have even more tricks to show you all – we will let you know!

Karori Magic Evening Karori magic evening


Old Hu-Hu by Churton Park school

Everyone is sad when Old Hu-Hu dies, but little Hu-Hu-Tu is the saddest of all. Sad and confused. Where has Old Hu-Hu gone? Why isn’t he here? Hu-Hu-Tu asks his friends, but their answers are strange and confusing.  Hu-Hu-Tu is alone and inconsolable. But as the sun dawns on a new day, Hu-Hu-Tu reaches an understanding about Old Hu-Hu’s death. Hu-Hu-Tu realises he must live life to the fullest, just as Old-Hu-Hu would have wanted him to do.

Right now you can find Hu-Hu-Tu  all set for  a new adventure at Johnsonville Library. He has been crafted by students at Churton Park school. Check out Hu-Hu’s enormous eyes and long antennae , he looks just as though he has stepped out of the book – but in giant size!

by Fiona Markwell

Image courtesy of SyndeticsOld Hu-Hu