Fluff, Food, Feelings and Fun Projects: New Kids Books in the Collection

We’ve got lots of gorgeous new books in the collection for kids this month, so many we can’t share them all here!  But we’ve selected a handful we think you might like.  Read about a really fluffy buffalo and a colourful dinosaur; exploring the wilderness or learning about food; time travel or fitting in at school; Ancient Rome or fibre crafts.  Plus lots more!

For more new items in the collection, go to: What’s new / April 2024 (wcl.govt.nz)

Picture Books

Buffalo fluffalo / Kalb, Bess
“Buffalo Fluffalo arrives on the scene puffed up with self-importance. Stomping around and raising billows of dust, Buffalo Fluffalo proclaims his superiority to the other creatures–the ram, the prairie dog, and the crow–who just want to be his friend. So Buffalo Fluffalo, who has had enuffalo, heads off to grumble to himself. Suddenly, a rain shower pours down from the clouds and–what’s this? All of his fluffalo is a soggy mess!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

I love books / Ilustrajo, Mariajo
“It’s the end of term, and a little girl is given the unreasonable task of reading a whole book over the holidays. A whole book? But she HATES books. Luckily her sister takes her to the library and recommends just the thing. Slowly, the little girl is drawn into a world of adventure inside her own imagination, for the very first time.” (Catalogue)

Rainbowsaurus / Antony, Steve
“We’re following a rainbow to find the rainbowsaurus. We’re following a rainbow. Would you like to join us? Celebrate a joyful rainbow of colours with one adventurous family as they set off on a quest to find the Rainbowsaurus. It’s the perfect story of pride and love for families of all shapes and sizes.” (Catalogue)

The wrong book / Daywalt, Drew
“In this giggle-inducing story, the narrator is WRONG about everything, including that bicycles say cock-a-doodle-doo and firefighters shout Ding Dong! before putting out a fire, until the characters within the book set him straight.” (Catalogue)


The secret of the ravens / Cacao, Joanna
“Twin siblings Elliot and Liza only have each other. Their parents are gone. Their home was taken, and to survive on their own, they’re forced to scrounge up plastic and metal to trade for coin within an abandoned garbage heap. Desperate to escape the vagabond cycle that they’re trapped in, the answer to their plight seemingly appears when they stumble upon a Raven Quest – magical tasks offered by mysterious message-carrying ravens that when successfully completed, promise the victors coin and untold riches.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Wildful / Kurimoto, Kengo
“Poppy’s mother hasn’t been the same since Gran passed away. She stays inside and watches TV, unable to leave the couch. So maybe that’s why Poppy has started spending more time outside, taking her dog Pepper for walks around the neighborhood. When Pepper leads Poppy through a hole in the fence, she finds a forgotten forest, as well as a new friend named Rob. Rob teaches Poppy that you can find magic in the wilderness – if you know where to look! Poppy looks… and sees flowers opening before her eyes, watches animals slip into their hidden homes, and listens to the sound of water droplets falling gently on puddles, leaves and feathers. She can barely wait to tell Mum about everything she’s seen, and asks her to come see, too – but her mother rarely has the energy to leave the couch.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Tasty : a history of yummy experiments / Elliott, Victoria Grace
“How did cheese happen? Who pickled the first pickle? Have you ever wondered how some of our favorite foods came to be? How was cheese created and who realized it belonged on everything? Was soda always meant to be a drink? A team of whimsical food sprites are excited to show you the yummy history of food experiments from all over the world! Learn about the true stories behind pickles! Get a recipe for how to make your favorite pizza! With a story and recipe for every chapter, this graphic novel will give you something to read and taste.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Amy’s big brother / Jeong, BonHyung
“I’m not her babysitter… Having a little sister isn’t easy – she takes my soda, follows me around, and wants to tag along with me and my friends. Worse, she always gets her way with our parents! Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted just to look after her (I know, it doesn’t make sense). Going to middle school means at least she can’t bother me there. I’ll have plenty of time to practice to become MVP of the basketball team and maybe even… get a girlfriend! I finally managed to ask Hannah out on a date. Now how do I make sure Amy doesn’t follow me and ruin the day?!” (Catalogue)

Chapter Books

These olive trees / Ghanameh, Aya
“It’s 1967 in Nablus, Palestine. Oraib loves the olive trees that grow outside the refugee camp where she lives. Each harvest, she and her mama pick the small fruits and she eagerly stomp stomp stomps on them to release their golden oil. Olives have always tied her family to the land, as Oraib learns from the stories Mama tells of a home before war. But war has come to their door once more, forcing them to flee. Even as her family is uprooted, Oraib makes a solemn promise to her beloved olive trees. She will see to it that their legacy lives on for generations to come.” (Catalogue)

When I feel red / Bailey, Lily
“April has always marched to the beat of her own drum, but would life be easier if she learned to fit in? Now that she’s in Year 8, things have got even worse. She’s much more likely to be trying to rescue an animal in need than worrying about who’s dating who at school, which April just finds BORING. Plus, her lessons feel like they’re in a foreign language, and it suddenly seems impossible to make it through the week without landing in detention. As family worries and classroom romances ramp up, it feels like everyone around her is pulling away — even her best friend Ben. But when the pressure’s on, can she find a way to fit in and still be true to herself?” (Catalogue)

The Grimmelings / King, Rachael
“The same evening Josh Underhill went missing, the black horse appeared on the hill above the house. Ella knows that words are powerful. So she should have known better than to utter a wish and a curse on the same day. Who is Gus, the boy with the impish grin, who seems to appear in answer to her wish? And what does the black horse want? When Ella finds that her grandmother’s warnings of creatures that dwell in the lake are more than just stories, she and her pony Magpie are drawn into a dangerous, life-saving mission.” (Catalogue)

Countdown to yesterday / Marr, Shirley
“Since his parents have separated, he’s been living two different lives and neither of them add up to the great one he used to have. During National Science Week, James meets the enigmatic Yan, a girl who looks at the world with x-ray eyes, and discovers that time travel might be possible after all. The two budding scientists’ quest to restore James’s lost past brings them into contact with retro Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cakes, old Commodore computers, chaotic rideshare vehicles of the future, and spacemen. But as they get closer to their goal, James is forced to consider that his favorite moments from his personal history may not be as perfect as he remembers them.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


Stitch-by-stitch / Bull, Jane
“Stitch by Stitch will make young crafters aged 7-11 become confident at sewing projects, from stitched felt flowers to a cute crocheted bag. They will discover how to knit a simple doll’s scarf and find out how to create a colorful patchwork cushion. Award-winning author Jane Bull combines her unique arty style and excellent instructions to teach children how to knit, sew, crochet, appliqué, embroider, and patchwork.” (Catalogue)

Ancient Romans / Gifford, Clive
“Journey back in time to the stately, splendid and sometimes stinky world of ancient Rome — and decide what you would rather do there. Meet emperors, soldiers, priestesses and everyday Romans, and discover their palaces, jobs, gods and much, much more. Packed with fascinating and hilarious facts.” (Catalogue)

The wonderful wisdom of ants / Bunting, Philip
“There are ten quadrillion ants in the world, and yet I bet you never thought they could teach you anything. But these tiny creatures can do big things when they work together–just like people! With his signature humor and graphic illustrations, Philip Bunting delivers facts, laughs, and heart all in this special book that teaches that the answers to many of life’s biggest questions can be found in your own back yard (once you’re ready to look).” (Adapted from Catalogue)

My book of the elements / Dingle, Adrian
“My Book of the Elements is a wonderful introduction to the periodic table. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter, this visual book is something that every young science enthusiast will want to own.” (Catalogue)