Go On An Exploration – New Kids Books in the Collection

This month’s new books for kids are all about exploration!  Exploration of space, place, story, and feelings, whatever realm you’re interested in finding more about, we have gorgeous new books to help and entertain you.  Take a look at this selection below…

Picture Books

Snail in space / Bright, Rachel
“Gail the snail has always been told not to dream too big or reach too far, but Gail is not your average snail, and she has plans to be the first… SNAIL IN SPACE! Join Gail on her stellar adventure and discover the magic of reaching for the stars and giving it your all.” (Catalogue)

Chip / Gastaldi, Federico
“Atticus wakes at his usual time, ready to feed Chip. But when he reaches the fishbowl, Chip is gone. When Atticus asks his loved ones where Chip is, he gets a range of answers in the form of gentle but evasive ways of explaining the concept of death: Chip is in a better place; Chip has moved on. These ideas are confusing for Atticus. Memories live in our hearts and keep our loved ones with us. This gentle story is an imaginative meditation on healing from grief..” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The red fruit / Lee, Gee-eun
“When he gets hit in the head by a delicious red fruit, Baby Bear searches for more of this elusive treat until he finds the biggest red fruit of all, in this delightful story about first discoveries and always landing in a safe place.” (Catalogue)

The littlest lifeguard / Hatley-Owen, Vanessa
“The littlest lifeguard wants to help, but it only ends in chaos! Just when it seems they will never be part of the team, they discover being the littlest one means you can help in a different way.” (Catalogue)


Garfield : home cookin’ / Davis, Jim
“Someone’s always cookin’ up fun – and often trouble – in the Arbuckle home. Whether it’s one of Jon’s half-baked ideas or mischievous Garfield stirring the pot, it all boils down to an entertaining time for fans!” (Catalogue)

Also available as an ebook.

I survived the American Revolution, 1776 / Ball, Georgia
“Nathaniel Fox never imagined he’d find himself in the middle of a blood-soaked battlefield, fighting for his life. He’s only eleven years old! He’s barely paid attention to the troubles between America and England. Instead, he’s been worked to the bone by his cruel uncle. But when his uncle’s rage forces him to flee home suddenly, Nate finds himself in New York City, in the middle of the American Revolution. He encounters an old friend and joins his army regiment as a camp helper. Soon the British invade — and nothing goes as planned. Can Nate survive the war’s biggest battle yet?” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Also available as an ebook.

Juniper Mae : Knight of Tykotech City / Soh, Sarah
“Tykotech City is a marvelous and peaceful place, filled with technology beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But as power cuts begin to plague the residents, a sinister force infiltrates the city, and the lives of the cityfolk are in terrible danger it falls to Juniper Mae, a tiny, brave inventor, obsessed with the legends of the Guardian Knights, to overcome her fears and save her city. Can she embody the bravery of the Guardian Knights and invent some cool gadgets to save Tykotech City in time?​” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Plants vs. zombies : impfestation / Tobin, Paul
“Chestbeard’s pirate ship is overrun with imps! Patrice, Nate, and the gang need to act fast and clean up this impfestation! With a seemingly endless infestation of zombie imps aboard his ship, Chestbeard sails to Neighborville Harbor and enlists Patrice, Nate, and Crazy Dave in clearing out the impfestation!” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Also available as an ebook.

Chapter Books

The secret of the blood-red key / Farr, David
“Rachel and Robert have defeated the tyrant Malstain and become the heroes of Krasnia, but all is not how it should be. Robert is swept away with his new friends, leaving Rachel alone to take care of her ailing father, who’s lost without their beloved mother. From nowhere, a boy appears knowing the secrets of the hidden blood-red key. For the key is a way into the Hinterland – and Rachel must promise that, as a new key keeper, she will answer when it calls.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Girls / Schaap, Annet
“A determined girl gives up on kissing a frog. A fearless heroine comes face-to-face with a not-so Big Bad Wolf. A monstrous princess, held captive on a deserted island, yearns to break free. Within this book are seven famous fairy tales turned into enchanting, inspiring and sometimes hair-raising stories for today’s world, about girls with their own dreams and desires. These are no damsels in distress, but real young women of flesh and blood, who certainly don’t need rescuing.” (Catalogue)

Slugfest / Korman, Gordon
“Forced to take Physical Education Equivalency, aka “Slugfest,” in summer school so he can maintain his star spot on the JV football team, Yash recruits his fellow PE rejects to train with him and pass this course, an endeavor that turns into a summer he’ll never forget.” (Catalogue)

Also available as an eaudiobook and an ebook.

Kicked out / Dassu, A. M.
“Kicked Out finds Sami and his friend Ali living their dream, playing football for the school team and swimming in their friend Mark’s new luxury pool. But money goes missing and racism rears its ugly head when their friend Aadam is accused of being the thief. Kicked out of Mark’s house and banned from seeing him, Sami and Ali resolve to prove Aadam’s innocence and hatch a plan to raise the money he needs to fight a threatened deportation. Ultimately, they’re going to need to draw on the strength of all their relationships and the help of a famous new friend, to achieve their dream.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Non Fiction

Ben Rothery’s weird and wonderful animals / Rothery, Ben
“Discover the weirdest and most wonderful creatures of Planet Earth! In this curated collection, award-winning illustrator Ben Rothery pairs fascinating facts with his stunning artwork to bring you the most incredible creatures in the animal kingdom. From the bone-crunching beard vulture to the venomous platypus and many, many more, you’ll enjoy exploring just how weird and how wonderful the world of animals can be.” (Catalogue)

Questions and answers about refugees / Daynes, Katie
“A powerful exploration of what it means to be a refugee. With simple, direct questions, thoughtful, compassionate answers and stunning illustrations by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Drachkovska, this book explores what it really means to be a refugee. Written with advice from the Refugee Council and drawing on conversations with refugees and aid workers from around the world, the questions cover all stages of a refugee’s journey, from fleeing danger and embarking on hazardous journeys, to seeking asylum and struggling to find a new place to call home.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Complete Greek myths / Brook, Henry
“This comprehensive volume of Greek Myths is perfect for a family bookshelf, containing all of the best known myths, told in a detailed and fresh way to alight the interest of any child or adult with an interest in the gods and heroes of Ancient Greece. Beautifully illustrated plates introduce all the characters, story by story, from the most famous to the more obscure. This book serves as a wonderful introduction or a further, detailed exploration of the classics for both young and old.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

This book will make you an artist / Millington, Ruth
“Jam-packed with imaginative ideas for all kinds of creative crafts . . . this book will make YOU an artist! Pick up your pencils, collect your collage materials, and take inspiration from 25 of the world’s best-known artists in this fact-filled book full of activities. Discover famous masterpieces through the included photographs of real works of art – from ancient cave painting to contemporary performance – and lots more in between!” (Catalogue)

For more new books in the collection, go to: What’s new / March 2024 (wcl.govt.nz)

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