Kids’ Review by Emily

Warriors: Omen of the Stars #4: Sign of the Moon by Erin Hunter

This is the lastest book  in the awe-inspiring WARRIORS series. I love it so much – there is so much to find out! Jayfeather delivers a warning to the moutains; and Ivypaw and Dovepaw get their warrior names! Two cats explore the underground tunnels (the same ones Hollyleaf disappered in), and almost get lost with some misleading help from Fallen Leaves, but then a black cat arrives and leads them home. 5 stars! I love this book so much! You should read it – that is, if I give it back!
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Review by Emily of Newlands

Kids’ Review by Moira

Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar’s Prophecy by Erin Hunter

This is a great book. I say it is the first of the fantastic Warriors series, but only if you are not counting the super-editions. Bluestar’s prophecy is mostly about cats. If you love cats, this is the book/series for you! There are four Clans in the forest, or five if you include StarClan, or even six with SkyClan.(Not revealing any spoilers!) The clans are: ShadowClan, who thrive in the dark pine forests, RiverClan, who explore their watery home, ThunderClan,(main clan) who consult in their lush forests, and WindClan who rule the moorland! 4 stars.

Review by Moira of Ngaio

Kids’ Review by Emily

Warriors Book #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

I love this book. It is the first of the fantastic Warriors series. Rusty is a kittypet. He has strange dreams about going into the forest at the edge of his owner’s property. He meets Greypaw first, then Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan. He joins the clan, and you should read what goes next. 5 stars.

Review by Emily of Newlands

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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #2: Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

The second book of the wicked series, Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Spirit Walker unlocks a life changing secret. It has you on the edge of your seat, staring at the book, rushing to read but you are rushing so the words are a big jumble. The scene moves away from the beloved Forest, to the rough-and-tumble Sea Islands. Fantasy breaks its chain and things here are like nothing you could ever imagine. I give a pat-on-the-back to Michelle for this great book. 5 Stars.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #3: Soul Eater by Michelle Paver

Soul Eater brings you deep into the story – fantasy has gone wild! A forest of stone, demons, spirits, and cold fire. It’s like you are really there, forced to break the promise to the World-Spirit and climbing through tunnels smaller than you are, facing freezing temperatures. I love this book! Its chock-full of action: one baddie is not how it seems, a beloved character gets part of him cut off, and there is heart-break and joy. 5 stars.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #4: Outcast by Michelle Paver

Outcast is a brilliant book. It is interesting and sets your nerves on edge. If you like adventure, spine-tingling thrills and something awesome right around the corner, then this book is for you. But you might want to start with the first book in the series, Wolf Brother. 5 stars
Reviews by Emily of Newlands

Kids’ Review by Dew

Night Whispers: Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3 by Erin Hunter

Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovepaw have managed to get an in-training DarkForest warrior on their side. Ivypaw is scared, and has almost died many times in the DarkForest, but Brokenstar tests her loyalty for the DarkForest in the worst test there can be. Dovepaw still has her heart set for Tigerheart, but does he have his heart set for her, or for the DarkForest? 5 stars.

Review by Dew of Johnsonville