Kids’ Club Review by Harshit Kumar: The reptile room

The reptile room / Snicket, Lemony

I rated this book 5 stars because it tells that the three children Klaus, Violet and Sunny are taken by Mr Poe to their new Guardian Montgomery Montgomery. He is a short chubby man who likes to investigate species reptiles like toads, lizards and snakes. The children each are given jobs to help him. Violet is given the job of inventing traps for new snakes, Klaus is told to read books on snakes to help advise uncle Monty and Sunny’s job is to bite ropes into smaller pieces. He has a black snake which he is going to present you to his expedition. One day, while he is away, His assistant Stephanou is coming to take care of the kids. He kills Montgomery but he lies that it’s the Deadly viper that bit him. . They find out that he is count Olaf and he disguised himself as Stephanou by growing a beard, shaving his eyebrow and removing his eye tattoo on his left ankle. The orphans proved it by his evidence in his suitcase and the appearance of the tattoo on his left ankle so Mr Poe decides to call the police to arrest him but he escapes with the doctor Luke font that is the hook-handed man in his team.

5 stars

Reviewed by Harshit Kumar from Tawa and Hampton Hill School , 9 years old

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