Kids’ Club Review by Florence: Diamond

DiamondDiamond, by Jacqueline Wilson

Diamond, also known Ellen-Jane is a brilliant gymnast, but not all people want her showing off in the market for money. When her family starts starving, her father sells her for 5 guineas to become a circus acrobat. Becoming the star of the show, Diamond takes the stage by surprise and marvels the audience with her tricks. Backstage it takes a whole new turn for springboards and backflips. What will become of Diamond?
My favourite character was Madame Adeline because she used to be the star of the show and she is really nice to Diamond. My least favourite character was Beppo the Clown, because he forced Diamond to do tricks that she wasn’t old enough for e.g. the springboard.
If I had to rename the book I would call it “The Amazing Acrobatic Child Wonder”.
I really liked this book and I recommend it for girls 7-10. People who have read Jacqueline Wilson – this will blow your socks off! There is even an appearance from Emerald Star from the world of Hetty Feather.

4 stars

Reviewed by Florence from Kilbirnie, 9 years old

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