Kids’ Club Review by Ruby: Hunter

HunterHunter, by Joy Cowley

I found this book a bit confusing to start with but when I got used to it it all made sense and I began to really enjoy it. Especially because there were two different worlds. Its about two different people in worlds 200 years apart who can communicate. My favorite part was when the plane crashed and the pilot died. I would recommend to everyone over 7 years old.

4 stars

Reviewed by Ruby from Miramar and Miramar Central School , 8 years old

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  1. Anna 18 December, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    Rubes, it’s me, Anna! Read my book reviews please! I’ve done a gangsta granny, a hunter, a how to train your dragon, a george’s Marvellous medicine, a diary of a wimpy kid and a dragonfly Song! Write me a reply on one of them, please! Are Billie and Ash doing this too?

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