Kids’ Club Review by Tyler: Puzzle Christmas

Puzzle ChristmasPuzzle Christmas, by Susannah Leigh

I thought the book was really cool how they had detailed pictures and there was objects you had to find, it was challenging. It all started when a little reindeer called Rio lost his magical bell so without it the bell Rio couldn’t fly back to Christmas land and Rio thought he could pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve. Then they went looking for Rio’s bell. Then Kira helped Rio aboard the boat but it set sail before she could jump off again. Kira got worried if she would be able to come back. Then they hid in some green barrels and after the boat ride then the barrels got loaded on an aeroplane and then on to a train. Then after the train ride they had to pass the broken iceberg path in order to go to Christmas land then they passed the icebergs then they saw some magical lights and then Rio said they are not far from Santa’s house. Then they started to walk among tall pillars of ice and then Kira could see some pillars moving and that was when they were surrounded by polar bears. Then the polar bears came closer and Kira was getting scared but one of them said “Hello Rio”. The polar bears was pleased to see Rio and then Kira and Rio hoped on the polar bears backs and then they slid all the way down to Snowman village. Once they got to snowman village Kira’s Christmas present was there except it wasn’t it wasn’t nearby home. Then they got into teams for the big snowball fight. After the snowball game Kira was breathless and it seemed like she thoroughly enjoyed the game. Then when they were getting close Santa’s house they spotted a small cosy house then Kira and Rio peered through a window and Kira heard that the boy (inside) wanted a seashell for Christmas. Then they came across an elf who has lost his Christmas tree decorations and Kira and Rio helped him find the decorations. Then at the edge of the forest they found a little red train waiting for them. Then they hoped on the train and made their way to Santa’s house. After a while they hoped off the train. Rio said I’ll take you to meet my family before you meet Santa. When they got into the stable everyone was worried about Rio. Then one of the reindeers asked “are you going to see Santa”? Then Kira and Rio went to see Santa then Rio told Santa how he flew off and lost his bell. Later it was one of the best nights of Rios life he got to pull the sleigh. They could see the whole world from where they were and they were on their way to Lucas’s house to give him a shell. Then Santa took Kira home like Rio said but when Kira woke up it was Christmas morning and she spotted a special present from Rio.

4 stars

Reviewed by Tyler from Johnsonville and West Park School , 10 years old

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