Kids’ Club Review by Julius: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Double Down

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Double Down, by Jeff Kinney

I’m glad that I read this book because my friends and I didn’t read this book yet. The book is about Greg’s mum trying to stop Greg from playing video games so he could explore his creative side instead. At the middle Mrs Selam and her son Maddox come for a visit at Greg’s house.. When Maddox comes to Greg’s room, Greg was playing videogames on his computer but suddenly, Maddox starts to make this strange sound, After about five seconds, Mrs Selam and Greg’s mum came into the room. Mrs Selam said that Maddox wasn’t allowed to play videogames.

Soon after Greg and Maddox were going to have a playdate at Maddox’s house. When Greg reached his house, Greg asked if they have a TV but they said they have no TV but Greg thought it was just a trick so he went to the living room but all he saw was a bookshelf where the TV was supposed to be. Greg was surprised. After that Maddox brought Greg into his room and it was full of lego, IT WAS A GIANT LEGO CITY!! Maddox said Greg can only play with his leftover pieces.

When it was hometime, Greg was going to leave but soon before that Maddox found out that he had a missing lego piece so he stopped them and the looked around him but they found nothing so they were going to leave but soon before that Maddox finally spotted the missing piece on Greg’s elbow so Greg’s Mum and Greg gave it back.

Mum was disappointed. She said that Rodrick (big brother of Greg) and Greg should think of the things that they want to be when they grow up like a director or a garbage collector. Greg had an idea that he was going to film a movie with his friend Rowley. The name of the movie was Night of the Night Crawlers. Greg was the director and they went into so much trouble making it, especially because Rowley had to be the actor for all of it. Rowley had also trouble in what he was going to say as well. Greg also had to throw some pretend worms at Rowley but then some geese came running after him because of the fake worms. Greg thought of scaring the geese using some Halloween masks but as they reach the shelf where the masks were, the shelf fell on them causing a terrible mess! Then Rowley ran out and climbed a tree and climbed higher the more Greg said get down. News people came and took videos of Rowley getting rescued from the tree by the firemen, Because of this, he got interviewed many times on television which made him famous, leaving Greg annoyed at him for not even mentioning that everything was his idea.

5 stars

Reviewed by Julius from Tawa, 9 years old

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