Kids’ Club Review by jessie: Mercy Watson fights crime

Mercy Watson fights crimeMercy Watson fights crime, by Kate DiCamillo

Mercy Watson fights crime: I enjoyed this book because Mercy is funny. This book is about Mr.and Mrs Watson who have a pig called Mercy. One night Mercy hears a springing sound of a toaster. Mercy loves toast especially with a great deal of butter so she jumps out of bed and clomps down the stairs. ¬†She sees a small man with a pointy nose she didn’t see toast and she couldn’t smell toast what was it? it was a thief. Leroy Ninker had always dreamt of being a cowboy but first he wanted to be a thief .Mercy was tired so she went to sleep in front of the door way just as Leroy leave. He was too late how could he get out? Just as he stepped she woke up. Leroy opened the door, Mercy ran around the backyard, the next door neighbour dialed the fire men, the animal pound and the police, they caught Leroy Ninker. Then Mrs Watson made toast with a great deal of butter to say thank you.

5 stars

Reviewed by jessie from Miramar, 8 years old

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