Kids’ Club Review by Harshit Kumar: The vile village

The vile village / Snicket, Lemony

I rated this book 3 stars because it tells that the Baudelaire orphans are going to live in a village full of crows. The village are the people of a council. They have 12,833 rules which the orphans have to follow or they will be burned at the stake. In exchange for food and housing, they had to do chores for the whole village like trimming the bushes, make the beds, wash the dishes, clean the fowl fountain and make ice cream Hector has secret barn in which he has books and inventing materials because it was against the rules to use and build mechanical devices and to read books but one day, the orphans got good news, Count Olaf has been captured. #12,833 was that no villains were allowed in the village so they decided to burn him at the stake but the orphans figure out that he is not Count Olaf He is Jacques. But when Jacques is killed then they hire an out-of-town detective to solve the mystery. He said that the orphans killed him so he puts the orphans in jail so that they must be burned at the stake .When the orphans read the short poem together, they realized that Count Olaf is holding the Quagmire triplets inside the village water fountain. The orphans escape from the jail to the fountain and broke it and rescued their friends. Then the whole citizens started marching towards the kids to burn them at stake but the Quagmire children escaped but in Hector’s hot air balloon but the orphans are not so lucky. Then the orphans went from the village with great sadness in their heart

3 stars

Reviewed by Harshit Kumar from Tawa and Hampton Hill School , 9 years old

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