Kids’ Club Review by Harshit Kumar: The end

The end / Snicket, Lemony

I rated this book 5 stars because it tells that the Baudelaires are travelling with Count Olaf on a boat but their boat got destroyed in a storm and they landed in a mysterious place. They saw Count Olaf lying with his eyes closed so they woke him but when he woke up, he found an island, and he wanted to be the king of the island and named it Olaf-land and they met a new girl named Friday. She took the Baudelaires into the island and left Count Olaf out and they met everyone in the island. Kit Snicket and a friendly snake the incredibly deadly viper are shipwrecked on the island. Count Olaf disguised himself as Kit but the islanders led by a man called Ishmael captured him. They went to the arboretum to collect weapons where they discover hidden room with a book that tells the history of the island. Ishmael told the children that their parents were once the island leaders and were responsible for many improvements in the island life. One day, the islanders told the orphans that they had captured Count Olaf and they put him in a bird cage. He wanted to get out so he decided to trick the Baudelaires. One day, they saw that Count Olaf had escaped and he had the poison the Medusoid Mycelium the But Ishmael shot him and he let the Medusoid Mycelium spread out and it poisoned everyone on the island. The Baudelaires needed horse radish so they went to find it and they found it in the Hybridized apples on a tree in the arboretum from their parent’s invention. The apples cured them so they went to get more for the islanders but they decided to go to a new place. The Baudelaires try to explain but they sailed away. Kit Snicket had a baby so they helped her but she passed away as well as Count Olaf but she gave birth to a new baby so the Orphans are going to take care of her.

5 stars

Reviewed by Harshit Kumar from Tawa and Hampton Hill School , 9 years old

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