Kids’ Club Review by Minmini: Five go off in a caravan

Five go off in a caravanFive go off in a caravan, by Enid Blyton

The famous five Julian,Dick,George and Anne. The famous five are going off in a caravan two actually Julian and Dick were to share and George and Anne were to share.They were going to follow a circus that had a boy called Nobby. George is a girl who’s real is Georgina but she insisted in being called George because sha wanted to be a boy. When the caravans arrived they set off to Merran Lake. When they arrived they got ice cream. The next day they saw no by and his terrifying uncle tiger dan and his only friend Lou. They are horrible. They are up to some thing but what? Read the book to find out

4 stars

Reviewed by Minmini from Miramar, 8 years old

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