Family Lockdown Challenge: Bubble Scavenger Hunts!

Are you looking for something to fill in a spare hour at home? Or maybe you need an activity to do on your daily walk around your neighbourhood. Have you considered a scavenger hunt?

An example of a scavenger hunt you could make at home!

A scavenger hunt is so much easier than a treasure hunt, because you don’t have to make any clues or hide any treasure! You just create a list of things to find, then get searching.

When you’re creating your list you can be as vague or specific as you like, from a red leaf or yellow flower, to something that makes a noise or something you use at school. You can give your scavenger hunts different themes too, from things inside the house (if it’s a rainy day!), to things out in your garden, or even things connected by a theme such as technology, pets, or colour. If your theme is colour, you can use the same list for every colour of the rainbow!

If you’re doing your scavenger hunt within your bubble at home, then of course you’re free to gather together all the objects you find. If you’ve created a scavenger hunt to complete while you’re out on a walk, picking things up and carrying them around isn’t the best idea at the moment. We suggest you just tick off or write down what you see, or you can turn it into a photo challenge and take pictures of all the things you find. Or you can join in the nation-wide Bear Hunt, and count how many Teddy Bears you can see in your neighbours’ windows.

Another idea is a literary scavenger hunt! Challenge yourself to read books on different subjects, by different authors, and about different characters. Can you read a book with a bear in it? How about a turtle, or one by a New Zealand author?

If you want some inspiration, check out the scavenger hunts that we’ve created to inspire you:

So get to it! Challenge yourself, or send one off and challenge your friends. We’d love to see what you come up with, so show us what you’ve been up to on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

Things to do with Dad

If you are into climbing trees, flying kites, skimming stones or playing tricks on someone then have a look at Things to do with Dad by Chris Stevens, call number J790.121 STE. This book is full of fun and exciting things that I’m sure your Dad got up to when he was a young boy. So grab those Dads and have a go at making your own golf course, send a message in a bottle, or have a finger football match. Lots of great ideas for having fun.

April Holiday Events

Hey guys!


The school holidays are almost here. Whew! We’ve got some great events planned to celebrate and give you guys something fun to do!

Pop along to your local library to rediscover some old adventures. We’ll be dusting off the classic stories that have inspired movies and children all around the world. You’ll be surprised at how many of them you know!


We’ve got heaps of stories and activities to keep you entertained, and it’s all free! Don’t forget to bring your library card too! Here’s where they’re at:


Khandallah Library

‘Where the Wild things Are’

Wednesday 15th April, 10.30am


Karori Library

‘Peter Pan’

Wednesday 15th April, 11am


Ruth Gotlieb library (Kilbirnie)

‘Peter Pan’

Wednesday 15th April, 2pm


Wellington Central Library

‘Alice in Wonderland’

Monday 20th April, 11am


Mervyn Kemp Library (Tawa)

‘The Velveteen Rabbit’

Monday 20th April, 11am


Brooklyn Library

‘Treasure Island’

Tuesday 21st April, 10.30am


Newtown Library

‘Treasure Island’

Wednesday 22nd April, 10.30am


Miramar Library

‘Puss in Boots’

Wednesday 22nd April, 11am


Cummings Park Library (Ngaio)

‘Peter pan’

Wednesday 22nd April, 11am


Island Bay Library

‘Treasure Island’

Thursday 23rd April, 10.30am


Johnsonville Library

Fairy Tales – Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm

Thursday 23rd April, 11am




Wadestown Library

‘Peter Pan’

Thursday 23rd April, 11am