Te Ara Pukapuka at Waihinahina Park Newlands

Earlier this year, some of you might have visited Te Ara Pukapuka, whether at Kilbirnie Park during the Winter, Khandallah Park during Autumn, or at Churchill Park in Seatoun over the Summer.

The Spring instalment of Te Ara Pukapuka (The Book Pathway) has now arrived at Waihinahina Park in Newlands, complete with a new pukapuka for tamariki to read as they play and explore! Follow each page from one to the next as you wander through the park, taking in the gorgeous sights and listening to the calls of tūī and pīwakawaka as you do.

Did you know that there are over 20 names for the fantail in different dialects of te reo Māori? Some of our librarians grew up calling them pīwakawaka, while others called them pīwaiwakatīraireka, or even kōtuitui. You can explore some of the different names using Te Aka Māori Dictionary!

Pages of a book sit on a post, near a bench, overlooking the Wellington harbour

Read a wonderful pukapuka while you take in the beautiful views!

We have partnered with our friends in the Wellington City Parks, Sport & Recreation team, Newlands and Tawa Community Centres, and publisher Scholastic New Zealand to bring you a fabulous bilingual story — Flit the Fantail and the Flying Flop / Ko Flit, Te Tīrairaka te Rerenga i Hē, written and illustrated by Kat Quin, and translated into te reo Māori by Ngaere Roberts. By the time you reach the end of the trail, you will have found the last page of the pukapuka!

We are grateful to be able to share such a beautiful story about native manu at this joyous time of year! Te Ara Pukapuka begins near the end of Ladbrooke Drive, Newlands (find the entrance on Google Maps). The path will take you past some stunning views of the coast and the quarry. Be aware that Waihinahina Park is a popular dog-walking area, so be prepared to meet some kurī on your travels!

There used to be a landfill at this location, which means that there is a chance you may spot some waste that has worked its way to the surface while you explore. Please don’t remove this, but think of it as a reminder that we should all do our best to recycle and be mindful to keep as much waste out of our landfills as possible.

Pages of a story sit on a post, hills in background.

Te Ara Pukapuka awaits intrepid explorers!

Ngā mihi to the fabulous team at Scholastic for their support! Flit the Fantail and the Flying Flop / Ko Flit, Te Tīrairaka te Rerenga i Hē is available to borrow from our libraries, and to buy from all good bookstores.

Te Ara Pukapuka Children’s Walk at Khandallah Park

During the summer, some of you might have visited Te Ara Pukapuka (The Book Pathway) at Churchill Park in Seatoun. Tamariki and their whānau had the opportunity to explore the rugged and beautiful coastline while immersing themselves in a beautiful story, The Taniwha of Te Whanganui-a-Tara, by author Moira Wairama.

Good news — we have again partnered with our friends in Wellington City Parks, Sport & Recreation team as well as author Gay Hay to present Te Ara Pukapuka at Khandallah Park for the autumn!

A large, flat board atop a wooden post stands in front of a tangle of lush greenery at the entrance to Khandallah Park's Skyline Track.

The opening page of Te Ara Pukapuka awaits you at Khandallah Park!

This walk begins at the end of the Khandallah Park Playground in Khandallah, near the Skyline Track (map of Woodmancote Road entrance), where a trip to the bush can extend to a walk inspired by a very special story about the Powelliphanta snail, a giant carnivorous native snail that can be found living right here in Khandallah Park! If you’d like to learn more about these slow-moving giants, who like to slurp up earthworms like spaghetti, a great place to start is by reading this article from the Te Papa blog about their history in Khandallah.

As you walk through the park trails, you will encounter more and more pages of Gay Hay’s beautiful pukapuka, Watch Out, Snail!, with the promise of a continuation of the story always just around the next corner. Can you find all of the pages?

This page is nestled in a bush just off the beaten track!

Te Ara Pukapuka will remain up at Khandallah Park throughout the holidays and into Term 2, so explore it while you can!

Te Ara Pukapuka Children’s Walk at Churchill Park

If you’re like us, you are having a great time reading and getting out and about during Summer (maybe you’re signed up for our Summer Reading Adventure too)!

Why not get into nature and read a lovely pukapuka at the same time!? This Summer, our friends in the Wellington City Council Parks, Sport & Recreation team have partnered with author Moira Wairama to present Te Ara Pukapuka in Seatoun. Te Ara Pukapuka is a children’s walk, where you can read along the way as you wander along the beautiful coastline!

Te Ara Pukapuka img1

This walk begins at the end of the Churchill Park Play area in Seatoun (map of Hector Street entrance), where a trip to the playground or beach can extend to a walk inspired by a very special pūrākau/myth about the creation of Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Enjoy Te Ara Pukapuka (book pathway) and feel the wairua (spirit) of the ancient taniwha as you and your whānau (family) wind your way around the rugged Wellington coastline towards Oruaiti Pā, at Fort Dorset.


Te Ara Pukapuka is in place now until Friday 17 February, be sure to head on down and immerse yourself in the story!

You can read more over on the Wellington City Council website!

This Saturday, 14th January from 10-11am there will be a guided walk through Te Ara Pukapuka.

On Saturday, there will also be a secret code released via the Wellington City Council instagram and facebook that will give you an opportunity to get your very own copy of a pukapuka from a secret box at the trail!


NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults – Non Fiction Award Finalists!

Check it out, kids! Wellington City Libraries are jam packed full of Non Fiction goodies that have been shortlisted for the New Zealand Book Awards – Whoohoo! So what are you waiting for, come on down to the library or place a reserve to ensure you get hold of one or all of these amazing books that will widen your knowledge of New Zealand wildlife, creatures and some good old fashioned history.


image courtesy of syendticsFrom Moa to Dinosaurs: Explore & discover ancient New Zealand.

Prepare to go on a journey where you will get a glimpse of the animals that lived in ancient New Zealand just before people arrived. It then goes back in time, providing snapshots of particular periods, as far back as 180 million years ago. The range of animals covered in this book include: moa and other extraordinary birds that are now extinct; crocodilians and turtles; the shark-toothed dolphin and giant penguins; dinosaurs such as sauropods and theropods; as well as those resilient survivors who can still be found in New Zealand today, such as kiwi, native bats, giant weta and tuatara. Overall I found this beautifully illustrated and a wonderful resource that will intrigue and encourage children to learn something about the origins of New Zealand.


image courtesy of syndeticsJack and Charlie: Boys of the bush.

“The true story of two boys who live on the wild and rugged West Coast of the South Island. Join Jack and Charlie as they go whitebaiting and fishing, panning for gold, chopping wood with their tomahawks, firing at targets with their bows and arrows, plucking ducks, camping in the bush and rafting down rivers”–Publisher information.


image courtesy of sydneticsThe Cuckoo and the Warbler.

This book tells the true story of one of the most remarkable wildlife relationships in New Zealand, between pipiwharauroa, the shining cuckoo, and riroriro, the grey warbler. It is a story of tragedy, trickery and faithful care – and it plays out each spring and summer in the forests of Aotearoa. Although rarely seen by humans, the interaction of these two native birds is a striking example of nature’s inventiveness. Overall a beautiful, heart warming story that can be enjoyed by children and adults.

The Genius of Bugs.

Discover a world of insects as you have never seen it before. “Inspired by the science exhibition Bug Lab, which was brought to Wellington in December 2016 by Te Papa and Weta Workshop”, The Genius of Bugs presents a cast of amazing and unexpected bugs, from the killer brain-surgeon jewel wasp to the master-of-disguise orchid mantis, to the New Zealand favourite, the wētā”–Publisher information. This book is guaranteed to be a favourite.

Torty and the Soldier.

“Meet Torty! She’s one tough little tortoise with a beat-up shell and some missing toes. Torty survived a great war that raged in Europe one hundred years ago. She was rescued back then by a young Kiwi solder. Torty is a true World War One survivor. “–Publisher information. This book is in one word – AWESOME! and is a book that can be enjoyed by children and adults.

6 New children’s non-fiction to keep you entertained over the school holidays

image courtesy of syndeticsOxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.

From aardvark to zozimus, a real Roald Dahl dictionary of everyday and extra-usual words. Yes, believe it or not, there is a Roald Dahl dictionary in existence! This book will inspire you to choose and use each and every word brilliantly in your own writing – whether it’s a real word, a Roald Dahl word or your own made-up one. A must read for anyone who is a Roald Dahl fan or wanting to become a writer.


image courtesy of syndeticsGo Photo!

Looking to becoming a nature photographer or do photography based projects over the school holidays? Then check out this amazing book the features 23 hands on and creative photography activities. Accessible, fun and practical, the activities in this book have been brought together to engage kids in the fun and wonder of photography. Great to use for indoor and outdoor activities.


image courtesy of syndeticsThe Story of the Olympics.

The Olympics are nearly here, why not get schooled up just in time by reading The Story of the Olympics? Full of wacky facts about the Olympics and Olympic champions down the centuries, this book takes you through the entire story and history of the Olympics, from their beginning in Ancient Greece right up to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics of 2016. Also contains the funny, surprising, heroic exploits of winners and loser around the world.



image courtesy of syndeticsDo Animals go to schools?

Do you think animals go to school? Of course not!  Although animals don’t go to school in a special building, they do have to learn important lessons to survive. They must master how to catch and store food, make nests, fight against enemies and find their way around. Sometimes their parents teach them. Sometimes they learn by themselves. Do animals have refrigerators? Do they go to the doctor? Do they dance and sing? These and many more questions are answered in this intriguing natural history book.



Do Animals need umbrellas?image courtesy of syndetics

This book is the perfect introduction to the amazing diversity of the animal kingdom. Do animals carry umbrellas or wear winter clothes? Of course they don’t! In nature, animals have to survive using only their own bodies. Creatures in cold climates have thick fur, feathers or fat to keep them warm. Those that live in dry places need to drink very little water. Animals in wet places have waterproof fur, feathers, scales or skin to keep them dry. Such adaptations help creatures to survive. Do animals play in the waves? Do they ever get stuck in the mud? These and many more questions about how animals live in different habitats are answered in this entertaining book.



image courtesy of syndeticsOutside: A Guide to discovering nature.

This fantastic guide offers a lot of information that allows you to discover nature in one’s own backyard, and includes tips on identifying trees, flowers, mammals, rocks, and insects, and examining the night sky.


New Non Fiction for August – Outdoors and Creativity.

Check out the new books on extreme sports from the series: eXtreme Games.


Extreme Winter Sports and Extreme Summer Sports by Jim Brush (eXtreme Games series)

These books highlight the sports and stars of ESPNs X-Games extreme sports tournament. Read all you need to know about the world of extreme games, including current competition events and the people who make it happen. Also learn interesting facts about the games, for example who came first in the 2011 x-Games. This series catapults readers into the facts, stats and action – head first!






From the Adrenalin Rush series:

Mountain Biking by Anne-Marie Laval

Find out all you need to know about mountain biking (MTB) including pioneers of MTB, different types of mountain bikes (and which bike is best for all-round use); equipment and clothing and to keep safe in this extreme (and dangerous) sport. Check out Windsurfing and Kite Surfing also by Anne-Marie Laval for information on spectacular tricks and techniques of wind surfing and kite surfing.





Skateboarding by Jackson Teller

A fan of skateboarding? Want to learn the art of skateboarding? This is the book for you. Discover the mind-blowing moves and tricks you can pull on a skateboard.  You also find out information about equipment, clothing and the best place to go. You will also pick up tips on the skills you’ll need, whether you’re ramp riding or street riding.







Other new non fiction to check out:

My Art Book Animals.

My Art Book This is the perfect book to read on the history of art for young children who love animals.  You will find heaps of cool projects (a Tin Tortoise, a Tiger Model and a Monkey on a Wire) that have been inspired by various artists (Albrecht Durer, Peter Paul Rubens and even Andy Warhol himself) Wild, educational and prowling with creativity, ‘My Art Book Animals’ introduces young children to art through the appealing subject of animals. Projects include a furry lion mask inspired by Rubens and a fishy collage in the cubist style of Picasso.


So you want to be a writer? by Vicki Hambleton and Cathleen Greenwood.

So you want to be a writer and follow in the footsteps of great authors like Margaret Mahy and Joy Cowley? Then this is the book for you. This book is packed full with resources and priceless tips from successful authors like Michael Crichton, Amanda Hocking and Chris Crutcher. This book will also revel the mysteries and glamour of best a best selling author.





Go Out and Play!  by KaBoom!

Spring is nearly around the corner, time for some outdoor fun! Written by KaBoom, a non-profit organization that is passionate and dedicated to creating a more fitter and creative generation through outdoor play. A fantastic guide to more than seventy well-loved outdoor and playground games, like kick the can, hopscotch, Four square, Red light/Green Light, flashtag and so many more.

Don’t just sit there, Grab this book and… go out and play!




The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins.

Want to learn about the many  species of beetles around the world? This is the book to read. An illustrated introduction to beetles that provides information on a  variety of  species  and how these insects have adapted to survive.

A useful  guide to use if you want to explore insects around your home and the great outdoors.