New Non Fiction for August – Outdoors and Creativity.

Check out the new books on extreme sports from the series: eXtreme Games.


Extreme Winter Sports and Extreme Summer Sports by Jim Brush (eXtreme Games series)

These books highlight the sports and stars of ESPNs X-Games extreme sports tournament. Read all you need to know about the world of extreme games, including current competition events and the people who make it happen. Also learn interesting facts about the games, for example who came first in the 2011 x-Games. This series catapults readers into the facts, stats and action – head first!






From the Adrenalin Rush series:

Mountain Biking by Anne-Marie Laval

Find out all you need to know about mountain biking (MTB) including pioneers of MTB, different types of mountain bikes (and which bike is best for all-round use); equipment and clothing and to keep safe in this extreme (and dangerous) sport. Check out Windsurfing and Kite Surfing also by Anne-Marie Laval for information on spectacular tricks and techniques of wind surfing and kite surfing.





Skateboarding by Jackson Teller

A fan of skateboarding? Want to learn the art of skateboarding? This is the book for you. Discover the mind-blowing moves and tricks you can pull on a skateboard.  You also find out information about equipment, clothing and the best place to go. You will also pick up tips on the skills you’ll need, whether you’re ramp riding or street riding.







Other new non fiction to check out:

My Art Book Animals.

My Art Book This is the perfect book to read on the history of art for young children who love animals.  You will find heaps of cool projects (a Tin Tortoise, a Tiger Model and a Monkey on a Wire) that have been inspired by various artists (Albrecht Durer, Peter Paul Rubens and even Andy Warhol himself) Wild, educational and prowling with creativity, ‘My Art Book Animals’ introduces young children to art through the appealing subject of animals. Projects include a furry lion mask inspired by Rubens and a fishy collage in the cubist style of Picasso.


So you want to be a writer? by Vicki Hambleton and Cathleen Greenwood.

So you want to be a writer and follow in the footsteps of great authors like Margaret Mahy and Joy Cowley? Then this is the book for you. This book is packed full with resources and priceless tips from successful authors like Michael Crichton, Amanda Hocking and Chris Crutcher. This book will also revel the mysteries and glamour of best a best selling author.





Go Out and Play!  by KaBoom!

Spring is nearly around the corner, time for some outdoor fun! Written by KaBoom, a non-profit organization that is passionate and dedicated to creating a more fitter and creative generation through outdoor play. A fantastic guide to more than seventy well-loved outdoor and playground games, like kick the can, hopscotch, Four square, Red light/Green Light, flashtag and so many more.

Don’t just sit there, Grab this book and… go out and play!




The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins.

Want to learn about the many  species of beetles around the world? This is the book to read. An illustrated introduction to beetles that provides information on a  variety of  species  and how these insects have adapted to survive.

A useful  guide to use if you want to explore insects around your home and the great outdoors.