Kids’ Club Review by Isabella: The sneetches and other stories

The sneetches and other storiesThe sneetches and other stories, by Seuss

It is a very good book for kids 9 and under. it is about some of the sneetches had stars apon thars, and the plain belly sneetches had none upon thars.But, because they had stars,all the star belly sneetches would brag,we’re the best kind of sneetches on the beaches.This is a good book and it has uther storys in it to.

5 stars

Reviewed by Isabella from Tawa, 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Arav: If I ran the circus

If I ran the circusIf I ran the circus, by Seuss

This book is lot of fun and imaginative, with great pictures. I was laughing mad at such wacky imagination! The crazy words and rhyming words in this book is just unbelievable and cool. I simply loved it. I would recommend this book to all.

5 stars

Reviewed by Arav from Johnsonville and West Park School , 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Zahra: Come over to my house

Come over to my houseCome over to my house, by Seuss

This story was about children asking everyone to come over to their house. They all had different houses.

I liked all the houses. One of them looks like Princess Jasmine’s house with the two tigers in front and a pink roof.

I liked the book. It was silly and funny. Dr Seuss is one of my favourite writers.

I liked the pictures. My favourite characters were the children.

I learnt houses can be different sizes, tall or small or fat or skinny. Some were different inside and some were the same.

I recommend this book to children who want to learn about houses.

5 stars

Reviewed by Zahra from Karori and Samuel Marsden Collegiate School , 6 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Kitty: Hop on Pop

Hop on PopHop on Pop, by Seuss

I LOVED this book because it was a great book. I love the way it rhymes. On the last page l liked the long word ” seehemewepatpuppophethreetreebeetophopstop”. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves rhythm.

4 stars

Reviewed by Kitty from Cummings Park and Queen Margaret College , 6 years old

8 new children’s non fiction summer entertainment guide – Part Two!

The countdown to Christmas and the end of 2016 continues.  And the new children’s non fiction summer entertainment guide theme continues!

So for your reading pleasure, the library has some new non fiction available from your local library.

Check out books about what DreamWorks characters  like to eat for supper, fantastic guide on popular film and TV characters,  famous children’s authors and even more about Star Wars.

Also Kiwi Christmas song, Summer Wonderland by Ronan Keating  is now available to stream and download from all your favourite music streaming flavours. But you can’t bothered, check out the clip right here, complete so you can sing along and take part in the festive cheer while  strolling through a summer wonderland.

To recap, Summer Wonderland is a Kiwi spin on a much beloved classic Christmas carol Winter Wonderland, with a lyrical twist for the Southern Hemisphere and recorded for Air New Zealand.  This Christmas carol really showcases and beautifully captures the sprit and essence of a Kiwi Christmas of tucking into ham and pavlova, playing cricket, mozzie spray and tan marks. Check it out!


image courtesy of syndeticsThe Ultimate DreamWorks Cookbook.

Trolls has finally been released in theatres and to continue the celebration, check out the ultimate DreamWorks cookbook. Have you ever wondered about the secret ingredient in Mr. Ping’s noodles? Do you know how the Croods cook their dinner or how the penguins get their bellies filled? In the Ultimate DreamWorks Cookbook you can find the answers to all of these questions, and many more. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, all are featured in this fun and nutritious cookbook from DreamWorks.


image courtesy of syndeticsDoctor Who: A History of Humankind.

History and Doctor Who all rolled into one, Imagine that?! The doctor has corrected this Coal Hill School Hisotry textbook with his own notes and illustrations that is jammed packed full of the real history about our very special planet.



image courtesy of syndeticsThe Usborne Official Spy’s Handbook.

This one book that every potential spy needs to get it’s hands on. Covers everything that a good spy needs to know about secret codes, spy rings, dead drops, disguises, tracking, shadowing, hiding, sending message, decoding signal and observation skills.



image courtesy of syndeticsJeff Kinney.

Read all about the man who brought Diary of a Wimpy Kid to life! Simple text and full-color photographs introduce readers to Jeff Kinney.




image courtesy of syndeticsDr. Seuss.

Read all about the man who brought The Cat in the Hat, Horton hears a who and The Lorax to life! Simple text and full-color photography introduce beginning readers to Dr. Seuss.



image courtesy of syndeticsMoana.

Find out everything you need to know about the newest Disney heroine, Moana, and her hero Maui, on their incredible journey across the South Pacific. Discover the beautiful locations of Oceania, including breathtaking underworlds along with frightening sea creatures! This book is packed with stunning images of Moana’s quest and provides a fascinating, in-depth look at the most thrilling moments from the movie.


image courtesy of syndeticsTop 10 of everything 2017.

Move over, Guinness World Records, Top 10 of everything 2017, that ranges from video games, insects, movies, sports and so on, will enthral and amaze you for hours… not days… not weeks… but all year long!



image courtesy of syndeticsStar Wars Galactic Atlas.

Calling all Star Wars fans, here is you chance to explore a galaxy far, far away in this stunning guide to the worlds of Star Wars. This book is jam packed full of  superb full colour, covers everything from Alderaan and Naboo to Tatooine and Yavin 4, taking in the epic stories, strange creatures and glorious vistas of the entire saga. Check out the official trailer for the latest release from the Star Wars franchise: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. Exciting!


Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  See you in 2017!

Kids’ Club Review by hollie: Dr Seuss’ sleep book

Dr Seuss’ sleep book, by Dr Seuss

I think it’s a good book for when you are learning how to read like when I was a little girl I use to love reading them so if your still learning how to read you should read Dr.seuss. The story is about how far a yawn can go. It can go to different countries and different creatures.

5 stars

Reviewed by hollie from Kilbirnie, 7 years old

Top 10 DVDs for August

Here are the most popular DVDs for August. Something to watch in the upcoming school holidays, maybe…?

1. Dino Dan series

2. Strawberry Shortcake series

3. The cat in the hat knows a lot about that! series

4. Ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu series

5. Dinosaur train series

6. Thomas & friends series

7. The Garfield show series

8. My little pony, friendship is magic series

9. Babar and the adventures of Badou series

10. The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes


Librarian in the Spotlight: Debbie

Find out about your local librarians!

1. What is your name? Debbie

2. Which library do you work at? Tawa Library

3. What’s the best thing about being a librarian? The books and the people

4. Favourite book? The Lorax by Dr Seuss. I have strong memories of my college teacher reading us this book at a school camp and it has become one of my favourites.

5. When I read I like to…? I love lying on the floor in the sun with a good book

6. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? I love fantasy so would probably have some dragons and magic involved

7. If I wasn’t a librarian, I would be a …? Professional ballroom dancer – maybe I could get on Dancing with the Stars.

8. Favourite food? Fresh raspberries and whitebait. (Not together of course)

9. Favourite place in the world? I love holidaying in the Marlborough Sounds – its one of the best places to be.

10. My dream library would have…? I would love to have a magical forest in my library with lots of trees so I could read my book sitting under, hiding in and climbing on. Maybe I could have the odd unicorn or two to help me choose my books.