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Do you have some tough homework, an assignment due in, or just don’t know where to start finding info? You need to know about this website then –

AnyQuestions is a New Zealand website set up to help NZ school students find online information. It’s a live website that open Monday to Friday from 1pm till 6pm. during those housrs there are librarians waiting to help you find online information to help answer your questions or to help with your school work.

It’s really simple – just state what your information need is, then chat live to a librarian who will help you find what you are looking for online. Not only will you discover reliable and helpful websites together, but the librarian will also give you hints and tips on good internet searching. Cool, right?

Sometimes you’ll need help when AnyQuestions is closed (like late in the evenings, in the mornings or on the weekends). But we’ve got that covered too. is the sister site to AnyQuestions and contains helpful information, website links and search tips for heaps of topics. We carefully look at all the types of questions and topics we get at AnyQuestions, and write up information about how to find info about really popular topics and common questions over at ManyAnswers.

These two free websites are great for helping you find info for school, or just answering some of life’s tricky questions. Check them out today and impress your teachers and parents with how much you know.

The coolest book website

It doesn’t matter if you are a Dr Seuss fan or not (but really – who isn’t a Dr Seuss fan??!!) you need to check out his website!

Seussville is the home of everything Dr Seuss, from the Cat in the Hat, to Yertle the Turtle (my personal favourite).

Along with checking out all the Dr Seuss books, you can play games, download and print activity sheets, find out about all the many Dr Seuss characters and Dr Seuss himself (did you know his real name was Theodore Geisel?). There are even recipescrafts and activities you can do at home.

This fun, noisy and interactive site is really worth checking out!

 What are some of your favourite author/book websites?


Calling all scientists!

Have you heard about The Great NZ Science Project? Now’s your chance to get behind science and help New Zealand decide how we use it to invest in our future. Explore areas of interest and join the debate. The future of science in New Zealand is in your hands.

Important and leading NZ scientists have teamed up with our best free-thinkers -you guys, to figure out what science areas NZ should be focusing and spending our money on.

There are lots of ideas and projects suggested in the areas of

In each of these areas you can find out about what’s happening, what could happen in the future and why it’s important for scientists to work in these areas. There are heaps of facts and videos to watch. The videos are really cool, I reckon you should watch them.

Then you get to vote and write your opinion on whether you support science developments in these areas, which areas you think are most important and, coolest of all, you get to tell the scientists what you think they should be working on.

If you have an idea for a project for NZ scientists you can suggest it and you never know, an awesome scientist out there might think it’s a good idea and start working on it -Cool!


The Great NZ Science Project is on Facebook and Twitter for you to like, follow, post and comment.

Kids’ Club Review by Jeya: The 39 Clues Website

The 39 Clues Website

This is a website, just sayin
This is one of my favorite book websites!
It has everything you wanna now about the latest books (and books that have been there for ages) and you can also play missions but some of them you cant until you unlock them! So start playing to unlock more!!!
You can also look at stuff about the authors and find out what book is coming out. If you want to you can create and an agent card. There is also some things to keep track of which 39 clues cards you have! You can choose if you want to learn about things from the first series or about things from the second series. On the first series and second series they are basically the same thing but different information. If i were YOU then i would go visit The 39 Clues Website right now!

I would recemend this Website for all ages 5+

5 stars

Reviewed by Jeya from Miramar, 10 years old

Hunting the Cool

Imagine being a Coolhunter.

Coolhunters is a massive online space where you will find all the coolest things on earth. If you become a Coolhunter you can be sent to far-flung corners of the globe hunting out all that is cool. Coolhunters find everything from shoes to technology, even before it reaches our shelves, and by reporting it on their website influence what we eat, wear, listen to, watch and buy.

Mac Slater has just crashed the latest prototype of his flying bike and because of this has come to the attention of the creators of Coolhunters who offer him a trial.  Has Mac got what it takes to hunt out all the coolest things on earth and become a Coolhunter!

Ever wondered who’d win in a battle between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter?

How about between the BFG and Owly?

The Year 5&6 kids at Russell Street School in Palmerston North have asked these questions; and they’ve written down what they think could happen if these characters ever met and had to battle it out. You can read all about it here.

The battles are:

Hermione vs Matilda

Zac Powers vs Nancy Drew

Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter

BFG vs Owly

You can vote for your favourite character.  How cool is this?

NZ authors’ FABO story

fabo story

Nine great New Zealand authors are currently writing a fabostory online. The name comes from FAce BOok, but Fabo is also a slang word for fabulous which this is too.

If you have enjoyed stories by Fleur Beale, Brian Faulkner, Maureen Crisp and Fifi Colston and other great New Zealand writers you might want to check this out.

The story starts here with Kyle Mewburn’s first chapter. Then each author writes a chapter in turn. They invite you to write a chapter too – you could win prizes and even have your story published online!

Lego Fun

Did you know that since Lego was invented they have made about 400 billion bricks? If they were divided up evenly everybody in the world would get 62 bricks each and if you built a  tower out of 40 billion lego bricks you would be able to reach the moon. I also read that if you have six standard lego bricks (the ones with eight studs on top) there are about 915 million ways you can put them together. Would anyone like to work out the maths to prove that fact?


You might like to check out the Lego games site.  There are some fun games to play and you can try building their creation or have a go at creating your own.  I had a go at building a horse, – see what you can do.


You also might like to take a look at all the great books the library has on lego. There are story books as well as fact, so get building and reading.

New Non-Fiction for February!

Want to learn more about stuff? This month in the library we’ve got books about time and how people have measured it in history (The Time Book), words and the English language (The word snoop), the best way to make people laugh (Funny business), some more disgusting facts and trivia (Why does ear wax taste so gross?), and how does the internet work anyway (How did that get to my house? Internet)?


For more new non-fiction arrivals have a look at the My Library Children’s Non-Fiction page.