Lego Fun

Did you know that since Lego was invented they have made about 400 billion bricks? If they were divided up evenly everybody in the world would get 62 bricks each and if you built a  tower out of 40 billion lego bricks you would be able to reach the moon. I also read that if you have six standard lego bricks (the ones with eight studs on top) there are about 915 million ways you can put them together. Would anyone like to work out the maths to prove that fact?


You might like to check out the Lego games site.  There are some fun games to play and you can try building their creation or have a go at creating your own.  I had a go at building a horse, – see what you can do.


You also might like to take a look at all the great books the library has on lego. There are story books as well as fact, so get building and reading.

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