Paint Like Monet!

Have you been to the Monet exhibition at Te Papa yet? I’m going tomorrow. There are some amazing paintings there at the moment. Don’t wait! The exhibition finishes on the 17th of May. Check out the Te Papa website for information.


If you’re really into art but you don’t have a lot of time (or any paint!) you could have a go at painting like Monet on the Te Papa site. It’s really fun – you can pick one of your own photos and then convert it to an impressionist-looking artwork. Give it a go!


Finally, if you’re after information on Monet and other impressionists check out our library catalogue for heaps of books:

Find out about art history

Read about paintings

Check out books on how to paint

Read books about famous artists (and also New Zealand artists)

And much more!


(Thanks to Magalie for the paint like Monet link.)