Stuck on your homework?

Got a tricky assignment? Can’t find the answer? Is it due in tomorrow?

Bilingual_LogoHead along to between 1-6pm Monday to Friday to get live online help with your homework. is an online chat room run by librarians like myself where you can ask that tricky homework question and learn where to find the answer on the web. It’s fun, safe and really helpful and you can even chat in te Reo.

You could also check out ManyAnswers to see if anyone has asked the same homework question before. ManyAnswers is where we list all the common questions we get at, so the answer to that problem might already be waiting for you!

Don’t forget- we also have a homework help page where you can find links to, Encyclopedia Britannica, and our Kids Catalogue (which has heaps of awesome websites listed).

Good luck!

Yay for Harry

Are you potty about Harry Potter? We can’t wait for the release of the new movie next week… so we went searching our archives for inspiration. You can test your HP knowledge and keep busy with fun activities over the school holidays…


Check out our Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling books & links on the Kids Catalog Web:
Don’t forget – to see the websites just click on the spider web. Have fun with the crafts, quizzes and crosswords!


One of our favourite sites is the BBC which has the latest news on the film and info on the Harry Potter actors. And guess who has swine flu?!

Kids Cat – Easter

It’s only 6 weeks until Easter! Every year we get kids at the library asking us what is the meaning of Easter and where they can find out how to do Easter crafts. Luckily our Kids Catalog Web has loads of great books and websites on Easter. Check out the Easter icon on the Holidays & Festivals pages. Books in the catalog will be listed first (so you can check out what great books are at the library nearest you). But if you need info fast, just click on the spider icon to see the websites.