Kids’ Club Review by Rosa: The princess in black

The princess in blackThe princess in black, by Shannon Hale

(I am writing this review for the whole series, not just the first book.)
I really liked it. I found the names of the characters quite appropriate for their personalities
(as the authors have intended). The only flaw is that the authors have failed to write a story starring Goat Avenger (or something like that. I don’t quite remember the exact name) as the main character. I loved the plot and think that it’s pretty hard to pull off what Princess Marigold
(again, I have forgotten the name) has done. In short, I loved it and would recommend it to anyone from ages 5-12.

3 stars

Reviewed by Rosa from Newtown and Berhampore School , 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Isla: Hey Jack! The robot blues

Hey Jack! The robot blues, by Sally Rippin

He pai ake ngā kākahu o Jack i ngā kākahu o ērā atu tamariki ngā te mea he māeneene ngā kākahu e hoko ana ki te toa .He maha rawa te utu hoki.
[Jack’s costume is better than the other kids ones because the costumes you buy from the shop are itchy and expensive.]

4 stars

Reviewed by Isla from Newtown and TKKM o Nga Mokopuna , 7 years old

Kids’ Club Review by ngaio: Wildwood

WildwoodWildwood, by Colin Meloy (1974-)

i though Wildwood was a great book. it tells the life of Prue, when her baby brother is abducted by crows and is taken into Wildwood. Prue goes on a amazing adventure to find her brother and meets Curtis, her classmate, on the way. then they lose each other and Curtis meets up with a band of coyotes who want him to join them, while Prue deals with the Governor Regent and find her way to an owl, who reports that he cannot sue the crows. I would recommend this book for ages 8+.

5 stars

Reviewed by ngaio from Newtown and Berhampore School , 9 years old