Try These Exciting New Fiction Books!!!

Boris Gets a Lizard by Andrew Joyner

Boris has a lot of pets, but what he really wants is a Komodo dragon, so he comes up with a plan–and invites his class to come and see his lizard.




The Kensington Reptilarium by N.J Gemmell

This is the story of how four loud, grubby urchins from the Aussie outback find themselves in the heart of London, where the first peacetime Christmas after the six long, hard years of World War II promises to be a big one…




 Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve

Oliver grew up in a family of explorers but his biggest adventure is about to begin! Along with his new friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver goes off in search of his missing parents. But before he can put his rescue plan into action there’s the evil Stacey de Lacey and an army of greasy, green sea monkeys to contend with.



Get Yourself Gone by Oisin McGann

‘Vulgar Pluck is in trouble.  Big trouble.  He’s tangled with the wrong people and now he’s on the run from Psycho Cyrus and his gang of Lost Boys.  Vulgar needs to get out of town – fast.  But first he’s got one last job to do.  And he’s got to do it quick, before some really dark magic is unleashed… ‘ (from book cover).




A Question of Magic By E.D Baker

Serafina is summoned from her village to the magical cottage of a great aunt she has never heard of and learns that she is meant to become the new Baba Yaga, whose magical role is answering the first question any stranger might ask her with the truth.


New Non Fiction: Myths, Mysteries and… Time Travel!

London: A Time Traveler’s Guide.

Did you know that London is thousands years old? So when you walk through its busy streets, you are standing on top of history. Forget Doctor Who, With this guide you can travel back in time and discover all the relics of the past, ancient treasures and long forgotten buildings throughout London, England. You will find out all about  of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, Medieval times, the Tudor, the Victorians to the present day. So come on down to the library and take a fact-filled journey through the history of London, one of the world’s greatest cities.




A City Through Time : From Ancient Colony to Vast Metropolis.

In the mood for some more time travel? Check out this new and  stunning update of the popular original, A City Through Time. Follow the story of a city from ancient colony to vast modern metropolis with full-colour illustrations that will transport you back to another age. Reading this book may be the closest you ever get to what really goes on in a Roman bath-house, a medieval castle or a modern skyscraper. Comes complete with a photographic section that profiles great cities through history and a glossary that tells you what you need to know about architecture, technology, work and costumes throughout the ages. Great  for parents and children to look at together or for school projects.


Norse Myths and Legends.

This book explores the gods, goddesses, heroes, villains, tricksters, and quests that make Norse myths and legends so compelling. Forget Thor, the hero from the Marvel comics, now is the time to really study and learn all you have ever wanted to know about the Norse Mythology and the Vikings. As a bonus, you will also discover facts and information that  you didn’t know, like Thor’s favorite weapon was a magical hammer, (Okay, maybe that’s something you already knew), some gods used goats or cats to pull their chariots and gods believed rainbows could be bridges between worlds.




Solving Mysteries with Science.

Do you like reading about the strange  and unknown? With this new series on solving mysteries, you are in for a treat. Read all about the encounters, what scientists and other experts think and the evidence that supports the existence of  The Loch Ness Monster, Mermaids and The Bermuda Triangle.



Treasure Hunters.

Two new books from the Treasure Hunters series is now available at Wellington City Libraries. Tomb Explores explores all the tombs and treasure you will find in parts of the world such as Egypt, China and South America. You will also discover amazing facts and found out answers to questions like what sort of booby traps were hidden in Pyramids?, Why were the Terracotta Army craftsman ordered to be killed? and Where have tomb explorers used remote-controlled cameras? Great Art Thefts combines the subjects of Art, Mysteries and Crime into one resource. Read all about the great art crime capers that took place throughout history including the theft of the Mona Lisa that took place in 1911, the Boston burglary in 1990 where 13 artworks were stolen and the theft of The Scream in Norway, 1994 during the Winter Olympics.





All About London

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London is also the largest city in England. Many people from different cultures live in London, and more than 300 languages are spoken there.

London is a very old city. Nearly 2000 years ago the Roman army invaded Britain. They built a town on the River Thames called Londinium. By the Middle Ages, in the 14th century, London was one of the largest cities in the world! During the 18th century the number of people in London grew to more than 600,000, then in the 19th century London reached 3 million people! Today nearly 8 million people live in London.

 Fun Facts: London is so large it has about 85,000 streets and taxi drivers have to learn 320 different routes to navigate them; 7000 stray dogs live in London; the smallest house in London is only 1.06 metres wide; The British Library in London is the largest public library in the world and has over 150 million items! The first television set was sold in London in 1928. London has 17,000 bus stops for 7000 buses, which drive 700 bus routes; and, almost one quarter of Londoners are children and teenagers.

 London has had an eventful history: From Civil War in 1642, to the Great Plague in 1665, and the Great Fire of London in 1666. London was also home to the Globe Theatre in the sixteenth century, where Shakespeare’s plays were performed. In 1851 London hosted The Great Exhibition, which displayed the art and industry of the world. London also hosts the London Marathon every year, and the first one was held in 1981. Now, in 2012, London is hosting the Olympics Games. This is the third time that the city will have hosted the event! The first two times were 1908, and 1948. London is the only city in the United Kingdom to have hosted the Olympic Games, and the only city in the world to have hosted the Olympic Games 3 times. Did you know that London has had 2 other Olympic firsts? The first Paralympic Games were held in London in 1948, and the 1948 London Olympics were the first to be broadcast on television.

Historical Adventures

 If you enjoy action and history The Devil and his Boy is the book for you.

Follow the adventures of a poor mistreated orphan called Tom, who has big dreams of becoming an actor. It’s set in the Elizabethan times, actually Queen Elizabeth (not the one alive today) is an important character. Shakespeare is also a character in this book. Many of the people and places in this story really existed, so you learn a little history at the same time as you’re reading a very exciting story.

If you like this book here are some other titles you will also enjoy.

Treason by Berlie Doherty, John Diamond , Black Jack and Smith by Leon Garfield

Train Time Travel

Fancy travelling back through time? Then Time Train to the Blitz by Sophie McKenzie might be the book for you. It  won the Red House Children’s book awards so it is truly a good read. To really make the journey interesting the main characters find themselves in the middle of World War II in London complete with bombs falling down everywhere. So hop on aboard the time travelling train now and check out the book in the children’s fiction area.