Historical Adventures

 If you enjoy action and history The Devil and his Boy is the book for you.

Follow the adventures of a poor mistreated orphan called Tom, who has big dreams of becoming an actor. It’s set in the Elizabethan times, actually Queen Elizabeth (not the one alive today) is an important character. Shakespeare is also a character in this book. Many of the people and places in this story really existed, so you learn a little history at the same time as you’re reading a very exciting story.

If you like this book here are some other titles you will also enjoy.

Treason by Berlie Doherty, John Diamond , Black Jack and Smith by Leon Garfield

Wait a minute!

What can happen in a minute? I can’t think of an answer for that question until I came across this book, Every Minute on Earth. It is truly an astounding book with funny illustrations and even activities for you to do. Bet you didn’t notice that an average person blinks 15 times in a minute. Hard to be a zookeeper when ten adult elephants can produce 500 grams of poo! Yikes!  Don’t hold that sneeze because it travels 2.7 kilometres per minute. Bless you! So read this book and be amazed at how much you can squeeze in a minute.

Puppet Show at Kilbirnie Library!

Thursday 17th February, 6.30-7.15pm

It is called Puppet Pasta Pizzaz!

This comprises of two shows with an Italian flavour (hence the pasta). There will be a marionette show (a marionette is a puppet with strings) and a Pulcinella show (Pulcinella is hand puppet and is the Italian Punch)

Feel free to come in your P.J.s!
I love puppets because they have a special way of telling stories and interacting with people.   Some of the best puppets are also very easy to make.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks repairing and preparing my puppets for the fringe festival in Adelaide so I thought I’d share with you a few of the great puppet making books we have in children’s non-fiction collection.

Puppets around the world

Puppetry is a very old art form and there are puppets sharing stories all over the world.  This book has information and photos of many different types of puppets and also instructions to make a simple version of those puppets.  I think information in this book is interesting, the photos inspiring and it will introduce you to many different ways of making puppets and most of the materials are not to difficult to find.

Muppets Make Puppets

Most of you are probably familiar with Sesame Street.  This is a great puppet book that will let you into the secrets of making muppet style puppets.  There are illustrated step by step instructions for making different sorts of puppets, hints on how to create a character, suggestions on materials you could use including many recycled and household items you may never have thought of as puppetry material and suggestions how to put together a puppet show.  This colourful fun book will quickly have you making quirky puppet characters.

Most excellent book of how to be a puppeteer

I like this book for its ideas on how to make a range of easy puppets.  It also has hints about writing puppet scripts and it has good ideas about making easy puppet theatres to suit different styles of the puppets.

Fusion with the Masters of Modernism

Do you know Alexander Calder, Alvin Lustig or Isamu Noguchi? They were artists who were into a style of  art and design called modernism. They believed that good and exciting designs and ideas are for everyone. These modern artists experimented with new ways of seeing and with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and uses of art. So open up yourself to this form of art and create craft projects patterned after their works. Check out Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham. You’ll surely be inspired with its easy to follow steps and awesome pictures. Happy creating!

The Secret Lives of Princesses

We all know about the famous princesses from stories like Snow White and Cinderella but what about those other magical and mysterious princess who have long remained anonymous.  Well not anymore!

Take a look at The Secret Lives of Princesses and discover some very strange and wonderful princesses.

There is Princess Somnia who comes from a family of do-nothings. Laziness is their policy and the sloth their emblem and guess what – she is related to Sleeping Beauty.

Then there is Princess Paige. She loves books and is an expert in rhyme and speaks only in verse. She also knows the dictionary by heart.

And let’s not forget Princess Anne Phibian. She has an obsession with frogs but she is very pretty, doesn’t drool, doesn’t croak and doesn’t have warts. She is always looking for her Prince Charming and is convinced he is disguised as a frog.

If you love princesses then you will love this book so take a look!

Karori BookBusters’ favourite books

Looking for somthing to read? Here are some great books recommended by our Karori BooBusters. Enjoy!

3 On the banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder
4 The two gorillas by Ursula Dubosarsky
5 Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce
6 My naughty little sister by Dorothy Edwards
7 Aircraft by John Malam
Chain of charms series by Kate Forsyth
9 Olivia  series by Ian Falconer

Fantastic Fantasy

Syndetics book coverThe necromancer : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel / Michael Scott.

This is the fourth book in this series about the famous Nicholas Flamel (remember his name from Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone), but the first I have read and it’s very exciting and hard to put down. Nicholas and his wife Perenelle, a great sorceress, have found the twins of prophecy and now they must continue their fight against other immortals to save the Shadowrealm Earth. There are many names from history that you may recognise. Machiavelli, Billy the kid, Zephaniah, Prometheus to name a few.

I will be reserving the other books and going back the the beginning.

Anything but typical

Syndetics book cover

“It’s easy to listen with the wild drone of the airplane. It is like a giant vacuum that sucks up all the other noise. Nobody even hears when you pass gas out loud on a plane”. Jason Blake does a lot of listening and figuring out of things inside his head. He doesn’t speak much and sometimes he does weird things, like shaking his hands in the air or making silly faces. Jason Blake is autistic and this is his story about how he can be himself.

Anything but typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin.