The Secret Lives of Princesses

We all know about the famous princesses from stories like Snow White and Cinderella but what about those other magical and mysterious princess who have long remained anonymous.  Well not anymore!

Take a look at The Secret Lives of Princesses and discover some very strange and wonderful princesses.

There is Princess Somnia who comes from a family of do-nothings. Laziness is their policy and the sloth their emblem and guess what – she is related to Sleeping Beauty.

Then there is Princess Paige. She loves books and is an expert in rhyme and speaks only in verse. She also knows the dictionary by heart.

And let’s not forget Princess Anne Phibian. She has an obsession with frogs but she is very pretty, doesn’t drool, doesn’t croak and doesn’t have warts. She is always looking for her Prince Charming and is convinced he is disguised as a frog.

If you love princesses then you will love this book so take a look!