Conservation Week 1st – 8th November

Conservation week is coming up and this year the theme is Healthy Nature, Healthy People. Check out all the great ideas for things to do and competitions to enter on the Department of Conservation website.

Besides finding out about events you can also find heaps of other information about our native plants and animals and how to save them. There is lots of little things we can do to help protect and save our environment.

I really like the section on attracting lizards into your garden. Did you know that we have more than 99 species of lizard in New Zealand. We also have many geckos and skinks and 33 of our skinks are found no where else in the world so it is really important that we learn how to protect them.

You can check out all the things you can do to attract them into your garden from the plants they like right through to building them a lizard house.

The library has heaps of great books on conservation as well – so slip, slop, slap and get out into the great outdoors and start saving.

Kids’ Review by Dew

Night Whispers: Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3 by Erin Hunter

Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovepaw have managed to get an in-training DarkForest warrior on their side. Ivypaw is scared, and has almost died many times in the DarkForest, but Brokenstar tests her loyalty for the DarkForest in the worst test there can be. Dovepaw still has her heart set for Tigerheart, but does he have his heart set for her, or for the DarkForest? 5 stars.

Review by Dew of Johnsonville