5 New Animals Non Fiction: The Animal Planet Collection.

The Animal Planet collection invites you to go on a wild journey where you will meet awesome wild animals up close, see stunning photographs of animals in their natural habitat, learn how animals survive and thrive all around the world, and find out ways wild animals are just like us.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to the library, and check out 5 books in the Animal Planet collection where young readers will discover nature.


image courtesy of syndeticsWild Animals.

A fun and interactive guide to wild animals. Young readers will explore sections about animal bodies, baby animals, food, play time, conservation and more.




image courtesy of syndeticsBaby Animals.

Brace yourself for cuteness overload! This book describes animal babies and their developmental behaviors, discussing cats, otters, raccoons, snails, and kangaroos.

AWESOME FACT: Baby ferrets are called kits.



image courtesy of syndeticsAnimals on the move.

Prepare to be amazed and spellbound when you see animals on the move that run, hop, slither, fly and climb in this amazing guide. Also detailed information about animals, such as frogs, worms, falcons, and cheetahs. Highly recommended!




image courtesy of syndeticsOcean Animals.

Dive into the exciting world of ocean animals where you will meet amazing marine creature up close  and learn how they survive and thrive in the watery wild.




image courtesy of syndeticsPolar Animals.

Chill out with amazing polar animals in this amazing book where you will meet incredible polar animals up close and how they survive and thrive in the North and South pole. This also contains information about the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat of polar animals, including king penguins, narwhals, and reindeer.

New Non Fiction: Back to School numbers.

Welcome to Term 3! I hope you all had a fantastic break over the school holidays.  Here are some new junior non fiction to help you catch up on your school work.
image courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsWhy do reptiles have scales? : and other questions about evolution and classification. 
Wildlife wonders? You better believe it. This book covers anything and everything you want/need to know about the classification and evolution of reptiles and how they have adapted to survive the ever changing environment. This is a great book to use for biology projects and homework. Great for Primary and Intermediate level.

You might also want to check out Why do Plants have flowers? and other questions about evolution and classification. Lots of amazing facts about the evolution and classification of plants, like you find out the age of a tree by counting the rings beneath the bark and apparently find out which flower smells of rotting meat – Whoa!. A great resource to sue for horticulture projects and homework.



image courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsimage courtesy of syndeticsIt’s time for Animaths! It’s time to improve your maths sssskills by looking at Shapes with Snakes. Become a “roaring” success with maths by Taking Away with Tigers and some maths ant-ics by looking at Adding with Ants.

These books are great to use to introduce young children to simple key maths concepts with the use of  cut out photos of animals. These books are sure to engage the interest of reluctant mathematicians.




All about the Commonwealthimage courtesy of syndetics

According to WikipediaThe Commonwealth of Nations, commonly known as the Commonwealth (formerly the British Commonwealth),  is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states (including New Zealand) that were mostly territories of the former British Empire, with some notable exceptions. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental consensus of the member states, organised through the Commonwealth Secretariat, and non-governmental organisations, organised through the Commonwealth Foundation.

Luckily for the library, we now have a junior non fiction book jam packed with information about the Commonwealth. This informative, fact-packed guide also tells you all about the history and the aims of the Commonwealth since its foundation in 1931. Did you know New Zealand is one of the 53 countries led by HM Queen Elizabeth II? A great book to use for Social Studies homework.




image courtesy of syndeticsCool Kids Cook.

Ready for another back to school number that will help you ace Home Economics and allow you to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey-Jaime Oliver- Nigella Lawson-Chelsea Winter? Donna Hay has released a cookbook for kids. Donna Hay for kids?! How cool is that! Check out the awesome cookbook, catered for cool kids that contains over 40 fun and simple recipes for kids to make for family and friends to enjoy. Found a few tasty numbers like spaghetti bolognese, sausage rolls, chicken noodle soup, cup cakes and chocolate moose. Wow,  I wish I had this book when I was doing Home Economics at school.




image courtesy of knight academy blog

Encyclopedia of the human body : begin to discover the human body.

Got a biology project coming up on the human body? This back to school number can help.  The Encyclopedia of the human body will allow you to discover information about how the human body and anatomy works. You will discover and learn everything from how blood flows through the heart, to how food is digested and where your voice comes from… hmmm!  This is the kind of book that makes *physiology look cool and screams AMAZING!


*Physiology: The branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts.


New Non Fiction: Homework Help, Sweet treats for winter and Boredom Busters!

One Day: Around the world in 24 hours.

This is a beautifully illustrated book that gives children an introduction to the idea of time and time zones. This book follows the story of 15 different children around the world and the time zones they live in throughout one day. There are 24 hours in a day, so there are 24 time zones. Discover and learn all about time zones around the world, how they work and what’s happening on one side of the world while the other side sleeps. This book is a great resource for homework help and assignments on time zones around the world.




For anyone who wants to study and explore the history of cars, bicycles, scooters, trains and even an oil tanker, this is the book you must read! So hop on board and take an express journey through every vehicle and travel known to man and how each engineering milestone has changed and  transformed world history. This book is a great resource for homework help and assignments on the history of transport, vehicles and even a section on the history of the wheel.




A troop of chimpanzees, and other primate groups.

How do chimpanzees use tools? Why do chimpanzees groom each other? What does it mean when one chimpanzee grins at another? Find out all the answers to these questions and more by reading this book on chimpanzees and primates. You will also discover and get to explores the behaviors and daily life of a chimpanzee troop, as well as their habitat, environmental threats, and the advantages of group living.  Great for children of  Primary and Intermediate school age.





Explorer Tales.

This is a great series to read if you are interested in finding information about famous landmarks and destinations. These are great homework resources to use for projects on world exploration. This year marks the 60th anniversary of  Sir Edmund Hillary and  Sherpa Tenzing Norgay climbing to the  Mount Everest, why not have a read of one of the books from the series, Mount Everest. Reread and relive how Hillary and Tenzing being the first men to climb one of the most dangerous places to explore. How about exploring New Worlds? Read all about them in New Worlds, where you will read and learn all about famous first voyages to new and undiscovered lands and famous explorers like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Captain James Cook. In South Pole, readers don’t just learn about this cold and dangerous location. They also learn about the explorers who went to great lengths to discover it! I think you will also like reading all about The Amazon, which is home to many amazing plants, animals (Jaguars that wait ready to pounce and piranha fish fish that strip the flesh off your bones in five minutes – Wow!) and land forms that runs over 6,000 kilometers across South America. You will also read stories about people who have explored and survived in the Amazon.





100 yummy things to cook and eat.

With winter around the corner, why not make some tasty treats and  goodies to share with your friends and family, like a good old fashioned apple crumble?, a spicy bean soup or vegetable casserole?  You will find the recipes and more in this book. This cook book, published by Usborne has 100 yummy sweet and savory recipes to choose from for some good old comfort food during the cold, blizzardy days and nights. There are also a lot of fantastic baking ideas for school fairs and gifts. I liked the recipes for Oranges and Lemons and Chocolate dipped fruit. I am fan of the recipes for Marzipan toadstools and chocolate nests. This is a book that can be enjoyed by both children, parents and adults.


Look inside a burrow.

This is a great picture book for young children (or for parents and teachers to read to children) about creatures that interact within burrow habitats. You will read and learn about all the different types of burrows. (I must confess I wasn’t aware there was more than one type of burrow.) Lots of amazing pictures of various types of animals that live in burrows, including a photo of a toad flicking its tongue, a close up of ants carrying food back to its nest and an even bigger close up of a centipede’s face!



The Usborne Big Book of Holiday Things to make and do.

School holidays may be a while away, but still now is the time to think ahead of ideas of banishing boredom in the long school holidays. How about reading this book from the Usborne Activities series? You are bound to find ideas for  seasonal activities for each holiday, such as reindeer wrapping paper and an Easter egg card, sit alongside things to make and do all year round including a coral necklace, a pirate cutlass and fairy wings. You will find  easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos for each activity. Great book to use for gift ideas .







New Non Fiction: Amazing Series! Animals, Adventure and … Some not for Parents!

As School’s drawing to a close, here are some new exciting reads to keep you busy during the holidays.

New from Lonely Planet:

Not for Parents U.S.A. Everything you ever wanted to know.

Planning a trip to the USA over Christmas? This book opens up a world of amazing facts and stories  (probably facts and stories your parents don’t even know) about the people, places, History and culture of the USA? A brand new read from the Country Series Book from Lonely Planets that  is not a guidebook and it is definitely not for parents. Great for ages 8 to 11 years.





New from National Geographic Kids.

Angry Birds Playground Animals.

Have you ever wanted to play Angry Birds and learn all about animals around the world at the same time? Angry Birds Playground Animals makes that possible! The Angry birds have lost their precious eggs, thanks to those pesky pigs and they need YOU to help them. On this quest to find the eggs, you will also find information  about about various animals, like jaguars, desert horned lizards, great hammer-head sharks, black swans and polar bears. Also learn about the animals’ habitats which includes rain forests, deserts, oceans, grasslands and the Arctic. Also full of activities and quizzes to test your knowledge.


New from Eyewitness:


Interested in zoology and ecology? Experience all the action of the rain forest and encounter the teeming animals and plants of the tropical rain forest by reading Jungle, from the Eyewitness series. This would also serve as a great companion guide alongside  How to be a world explorer and Angry Birds Playground Animals .







Interested in the history of shipping disasters? How about learning more about the detailed descriptions of the Titanic, including its accommodations, a retelling of its sinking in the North Atlantic in April, 1912, and amazing facts like the Titanic was carrying 5,986 tonnes (6,598 tons) of coal to New York  and there were only two bathtubs for more than 700 third class passengers.   A Great resource for ages ranging from to intermediate to junior secondary age.





Find your Talent.

Whether you want to start your own blog, start a band or make a film, this new series, Find you Talent will tell you everything you need to know about developing your skills and ambition into a brilliant hobby or even a glittering career.  Start a Blog is full of ideas that will inspire you to create your own blog, Start a Band will help make your dream band become a reality and Make a Film will give you ideas that will inspire you to make your every own short film.



Mean Machines.

This high impact series features information about the world’s fastest, biggest and meanest machines.  Roar into action with the world’s fastest, weirdest and most cutting edge vehicles with the Mean Machines series! Supercars brings you up to speed with amazing facts about the latest and greatest  cars known including Lamborghini Miura and Ferrari 599 GTB. You will find out all you need to know about high-tech war planes and super-fast record-breaking planes like the X43-A in Superplanes and Superbikes gives you everything you need to know about concept bikes like the Dodge Tomahawk and record-breaker like the fastest bike in the world, the Top Ack Attack Streamliner.



Also new:

My Polar Animals Journal : In Search of Polar Bears, Penguins, Whales and Seals.

Interested in wildlife photography? Then have a read of this new animal journal by Steve Bloom. This book is complete with journal entries, amazing photographs of polar bears, penguins, whales and seal in the Arctic and Antarctica and packed full of amazing facts about the animals, for example a male polar bear weighs up to 545 kg (the weight of 7 men) and a humpback whale can live to about 50 years old. Steve Bloom also offers tips of taking wildlife photographs, creative projects to help you have fun with the photos and develop your camera skills.




A Horrid Factbook: Food.

Did you know that carrots used to be purple? How long does it take for food to reach your stomach? Does eating crusts really make your hair curly? Find all the answers to these questions and more in this amazing new read. The Love-able character, Horrid Henry takes you on a weird, wonderful, hilarious and horrid journey on everything you have ever wanted to know about… food.






Princess : The Essential Guide (Revised editon).

If you are a fan of Disney Princesses (like I am) and you loved the book, Princess : The Essential Guide first published in 2008 with Princess Aurora on the front cover, then you are going to love this this new edition fabulous updated edition of this  guide to the best loved fairy tale princesses of all time! Experience the magic of Disney with this guide to the best loved fairy tale princesses of all time! This guide provides  in-depth information on all six favorite Disney princesses, that includes Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana and Rapunzel. Fully illustrated, the book is full of cut-away artwork and scenes from the Disney films and provides a view of the princesses’ magical worlds, ‘where dreams really can come true’.


Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.