Top 10 Children’s non-fiction December 2015

Minecraft dominates the non-fiction top picks this month!

Want to know what Minecraft authors do in their spare time? Author Megan Miller has some of her builds online. Matthew Needler and Phil Southam founders of  FyreUK has helped bring real life and gaming together by working with the United Nations’ block by block project. Public spaces in places such as Undugu playground in Kibera, Nairobi are added as a template in Minecraft for people to add their ideas as to how the space can be transformed.  These ideas are then used by local people to build in their community.  Cool huh? Built any playground replicas of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Minecraft, by Stephanie Milton

2. The LEGO ideas book, by Daniel Lipkowitz

3. Minecraft, by Nick Farwell

4. Minecraft hacks master builder, by Megan Miller

5. Star Wars character encyclopedia, by Simon Beecroft

6. Star Wars, by David West Reynolds

7. Supershark and other creatures of the deep, by Derek Harvey

8. Minecraft blockopedia, by Alex Wiltshire

9. Minecraft, by Matthew Needler

10. Cat, by Juliet Clutton-Brock