School holidays and time to be creative again!

Bedroom Makeover

This book shows you how to make your bedroom brighter, cosier and comfier. I love bunting and cushions and this book shows you how to make funky cushion covers and bright bunting easily. A very fun book with lots of ideas. Other books in this series to look out for are, Customise Your Clothes, Accessories for All, Cards, and Wrap and Tags.





How To Make a Planet

Obviously get your parents’ permission before you start build ing a planet in your bedroom. But once you have their go ahead read this fascinating book to learn all the things you need to know about forming a planet and taking care of it. PS, You may not be finished your project by the end of the school holidays.






If you don’t have time to make your own planet then check this book out and enjoy doing some simple space experiments. Great for all ages for learning the basics of how space works.







Fun To Draw Funny Characters

With time on your hands you can get this book out and improve your drawing and cartooning skills no matter what your skill level. 16 fun characters, 20 faces and endless funny situations are all awaiting your pen and paper.






Describing Words  

Try your hand at writing these holidays. Need some coaching with your grammar? Then this new series will be fantastic for you. Other books in this series cover Punctuation, Doing Words and Grouping Words.








If the circus is in town these holidays head along there. You may see dogs performing like the ones in this lovely book. If you are a dog lover then you will really enjoy reading about the ten stray dogs that were given a home in a circus and trained up to be ultimate performers.






Children’s Chocolate Cookbook

Not only crammed full of scrumptious recipes but containing the history of chocolate and how it is made. YUM!







Oh Boy!

Kick back and enjoy this unofficial biography of Justin Bieber. Crammed full of photos, of course, read and find out all those little things you always wanted to know about this successful idol.






Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Time to get our the lego again these holidays. This encyclopedia will tell you about all the characters you may want to add to your collection.







Click! Click! Click!

Time to get those cameras out these holidays. Have fun fist reading this book and get some great ideas for your magical shots. Also learn how to edit and playaround with your photos.






The Art Treasure Hunt

Fill in a few spare hours browsing through this inspiring book. Wander through famous artworks from around the world. Full of puzzles, games and large pictures. Learning about art was never so much fun. If you aren’t already an art lover, you will be after reading through this book.