Badminton at the Olympics

Did you know that badminton is an Olympic sport?  It debuted at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona (so it’s still a relatively new game at the Olympics).  The world’s best badminton players will compete at Wembley Arena on 28th July in front of approximately 6,000 spectators for the 2012 Summer Olympics and their shuttlecocks can travel at speeds in excess of 400km/h – that’s like a high speed train!!  (Thank you for that cool fact!)

Badminton is a great way to get fit and have heaps of fun.  Why not grab some friends and give it a go?  You will need a racquet each, a shuttlecock, and a net (but if you don’t have a net you could improvise and make one!)  Or contact your local badminton club for more information about where you can play.

Make sure you come along to the library for our free school holiday activities all about Paralympics and Olympics 2012.  Meet a Paralympian and try out their special sporting equipment!  For more information phone 499 4444 or visit us online.

And here are some books available at the library to help get you started with badminton: