Weird and Wonderful New Non-Fiction

Unusual Creatures: a mostly accurate account of some of the world’s strangest animals

Amateur biologists, this one’s for you! While some of the ‘facts’ are rather tongue in cheek (I’m sure we’re all aware that P Diddy is not an expert on puffer fish) the majority of the information in this book is really interesting. For starters, it explains Biological Classification, which is a way of organising different types of animals. It then shows how each animal is classified under this system.  But the main attraction is the weird and wonderful creatures contained within. From the Flying Snake to the Jesus Christ Lizard (so called because it can walk on water) this book will tell you all about Mother Nature’s more odd creations.




The Magic School Bus inside the Earth

This one’s a classic…I remember the Magic School Bus books from when I was a kid! But the information’s as fresh and as useful as ever. It’s  a cross between a picture book and a science book, so it’s  good for younger readers.  What’s really handy is the pronunciation guide at the back!




 The Alien Hunter’s Handbook

This may seem a little bit “out there” but this book is extremely useful! The beginning of the book defines exactly what constitutes “life” is, talks about what the stars are made of, and how life on earth is supported by water, the sun, and the intricate web of plants and animals that feed off each other to survive.  It’s a book that’s more about the hard science behind what life on other planets might look like, rather than your average book about alien abductions, little grey men and flying saucers.





Drawing the villains in your graphic novel 

To write a proper story you need conflict; and if you’re writing a superhero story then you need a proper villain. This book will show how to draw many different types of villains, from the Wicked Warlord to the Mad Scientist to the Evil Queen. This isn’t a book for those who’ve just started out drawing their own comics, but if you’ve got a bit more experience then this should be a handy source of inspiration.




The Soul Bird

“Inside the soul, right in the very middle of it, there’s a bird standing on one foot. This is the soul bird…” This is an excellent book for understanding what is means to have a soul, using simple language and pictures to discuss very complex ideas.






Universe: journey into deep space

Another great book for the astronomers among you. This beautiful book will explain the wide universe beyond our tiny solar system. It talks about what different types of planet there are, and what you might find on them, depending on their proximity to the nearest star. It also looks at what happens to stars when they burn out. The reference section at the back is also very good. The illustrations are beautiful and it manages to convey just how big the universe really is and how we know so little about what lies beyond our (tiny) galaxy.