Super Summer Reading

Wow! You guys are super-dooper summer readers!

Since we released the Summer Reading Challenge book list in December we’ve had over 200 book reviews sent in – that’s a lot of reading in only three and a bit weeks.

Today were are exactly half-way through the challenge (which finishes on 3rd February) so that means you still have 3 and a bit weeks to read, read, READ! (here’s an online copy of the book list)

I’ve read all your reviews and can tell that heaps of you like the books you are reading. For your reviews have a think about including the following:


  • A little bit about what happens in the book
  • Your favourite part, or least favourite part – why you liked/disliked the book
  • Characters you liked or disliked
  • If you could give the book a different name, what would it be?
  • If you could ed the book differently, what would you change?
  • Who would you recommend it to, who do you think would like it the most


Lastly, here are our top readers so far(in no particular order):

Alessandro E. 

Andrew B. 

Chiara E.

Darcy B. 

Hana R. 

Jayden K. 

Marina C. 

Damon W. 

Sarah C. 

Tiffany C. 

Some super-readers have managed to read and review 10 or more books so far, and are in the draw to win a cool prize pack. No one has managed to read and review 20 or more books yet (for the next prize draw), but some are getting close…

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  1. Ola 10 January, 2013 / 6:32 pm

    i will make surre to read 20 or more books 🙂

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