Read, review and win prizes

Have you heard of our online book club for kids? It’s really simple to join in.

All you need to do is write reviews of the books you are reading and you’ll automatically win prizes for your reviews.

You’ll get a prize after your first 2 reviews, then every 5th review from then on. There are extra cool prizes saved for those who write thoughtful and outstanding reviews.

Have you ever had anything published online before? All reviews are published on our website for everyone in the world to see, and we think that’s pretty cool. We’ve even had some authors commenting on the reviews written about their books.

To join in you have to be aged between 5 and 12 years old and have your own Wellington City Library card. You can find the Kids’ Club by clicking on the logo on the right-hand side of this blog.

Happy reviewing!

Kids Club Update

Kids’ Club is going really well! This online book club has been up and running since 1st of August and so far there have been 246 reviews sent in -Wow!. You can find them all here on the Kids Blog under the Kids’ Club category. It’s really cool to see some of you talking about books and reviews in the comments too.

We even had an Author comment on one of Isabelle’s reviews! Check it out here.

Tell your friends about Kids’ Club and how they can win lots of prizes for reviewing the books they’re reading. You can review a DVD, magazine or website if you wish. It has to be book related through, like an author’s website, or a book that has been turned into a movie. Maybe you’d like to compare the movie to the book – which did you like best?

Our top reviewers so far are Anika, Isabelle, Jeya, Julianna, Rahul and Rana. Well done to you all – keep it up.

We’ve got some fun challenges and competitions coming up for Kids’ Club over summer. Keep checking back here for an announcement about this sometime in the future.


Kids’ Club update

Hey everyone,

Kids’ Club has been super busy since we started it on 1st August. So far we have had an enormous 139 reviews sent in and 26 prizes have been won – WOW!

There are some really fantastic reviews being written and it’s great to see so many different books being read and your opinions about them.

Remember you only have to submit 2 reviews to get your first prize, and then you will earn a prize every time you submit 5 reviews. Easy!

So far our top Kids’ Club reviewers are Rita, Julianna, Isabelle, Jeya, Anika, Andrew and Isobelle. Well done – you must be super speedy readers!

You can see all the reviews right here on the Kids’ Blog. Click on the Kids’ Club Reviews category on the right-hand side of this screen.


Keep going everyone – read, review and win prizes!

Karori BookBusters Recommendations

We had a wonderful session at Karori BookBusters this week.  Thank you everyone for coming along and sharing all your fantastic book reviews!  Make sure you keep submitting your reviews on our new Kids’ Club – we love hearing about all the books you’re reading – and it’s a great way to share recommendations with other kids too!  Here are the books the Karori BookBusters have been enjoying this month:


Johnsonville BookBusters

Johnsonville BookBusters learnt all about our new Kids Online Book Club this month where you have the chance to win lots of prizes.

We also heard some great reviews of the books you have been reading and everyone received a graduation certificate because this will be the last time that we will meet as a group in the library.

Instead of coming along to our monthly meetings to share your reviews you can now write them up on the Kids Online Book Club review page whenever you want. Every review you write earns you points towards winning a prize. So what are you waiting for – get writing – and be in to win.

Tawa BookBusters

We had a great session at Tawa BookBusters this month as we looked at our brand new Kids Online Book Club. You can earn prizes just by writing up a review of what you have been reading. The more reviews that you write the more prizes you win. We had plenty of awesome reviews at this months session so write them all up on the review page and start earning points towards your first prize.

We also had lots of certificates to give out this month as this is the last time that we will be meeting together as a group but we look forward to keeping in touch with everyone through the Kids Online Book Club




New online book club for kids!

Introducing Kids’ Club, a way for you to win prizes just by reviewing books!

Starting today (August 1st), Kids’ Club will replace BookBusters and BookSeekers, which means there will no longer be monthly book club meetings in the library.

Instead all your great reviews can go here, on the Kids’ Blog, for everyone to see and comment on. Best of all, you’ll get prizes for your reviews too.

Check out the club info here, or start reviewing books straight away here.

Kids’ Club is open to all 5-12 year olds that have a Wellington City Libraries membership. You can start reviewing books right now!