Kids’ Club Review by Tara: The dragonet prophecy

The dragonet prophecy, by Tui T. Sutherland

Clay has always thought he wasn’t the right dragonet for the job. Surely he couldn’t be the one. The actual dragonet for the prophecy was out there waiting probably. He wondered why they weren’t allowed out of their cave. Clay the mudwing, Tsunami the seawing, Sunny the sandwing, Starflight the nightwing and Glory the rainwing plan to escape but the real world isn’t as harmonious as Clay would have liked. At the moment Queen Oasis of the sandwings was killed so princesses Blister, Blaze and Burn have made alliances to kill their sisters and become queen. Can the dragonets of the prophecy end the war or will Pyrrhia fall to pieces…

I would give this book a 5/5 star rating because its funny, scary, exciting, lovely and adventurous. Will make readers of all ages jump with fright that their favourite characters will get caught and it makes you want to stay up late into the night reading this thrilling book.
By Tara

3 stars

Reviewed by Tara from Karori, 9 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Gabriel: The adventures of Captain Underpants : the first epic novel

The adventures of Captain Underpants : the first epic novelThe adventures of Captain Underpants : the first epic novel, by Dav Pilkey ; with colour by Jose Garibaldi

This book is about two naughty kids named George and Harold who love pulling pranks together but their Principal Mr Krupp hates George and Harold’s pranks so they got a hypno ring and hypnotised Mr Krupp and made him there favourite comic book super hero CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. I like this because it is very funny you should read this 🙂

4 stars

Reviewed by Gabriel from Tawa, 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Keya: This book is not good for you

This book is not good for youThis book is not good for you, Psuedonymous Bosch ; illustrations by Gilbert Ford

In this hilarious book by Psuedonymous Bosch, Cass’s mum has been kidnapped by Senor Hugo, a blind chef! In order to get her mother back, Cass must give Hugo the tuning fork, an ancient Aztec instrument that can turn water into wine, beer into rum, and so forth. Can Cass, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yogi find the magical fork before it’s too late?

5 stars

Reviewed by Keya from Central City, 11 years old