Kids’ Club Review by Kimberley: Princess Chloe and the primrose petticoat

Princess Chloe and the primrose petticoatPrincess Chloe and the primrose petticoat, by Vivian French

The book is very good because Princess Chloe let Diamonde wear her dress. Diamonde chose her best dress and Princess Chloe did not know what to wear to the ball. At the ball, she chose to wear a simple dress that was a little big for her. When Diamonde took it to the ball and worn it, it was a little squashy. Fairy G saw that the dress was squash, and Princess Chloe got to wear her best dress. They swapped dress and it was a great night. I recommend this book to 5-10 years old.

5 stars

Reviewed by Kimberley from Tawa and , 8 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Carson: NZ bugs and critters

NZ bugs and crittersNZ bugs and critters, by Dave Gunson

It’s a good book. I like it because it talks about many different bugs, like beetles, ants, snails, and gigantic flies. I know that moths like to follow light, and daddy longlegs spiders have very long legs.

5 stars

Reviewed by Carson from Tawa and , 5 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Avin: 11 birthdays

11 birthdays11 birthdays, by Wendy Mass (1967-)

This is a boring book. Well the topic of the story is interesting but the problem is everything kept repeating all over 10 or 11 times. Amanda’s (the main character in the story) birthday kept repeating until she did something with her best friend who has the same birthday every year……..

1 stars

Reviewed by Avin from Johnsonville and , 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Holly: Brer Rabbit story collection

Brer Rabbit story collectionBrer Rabbit story collection, by Enid Blyton

Like I’ve said in another review, I LOVE these story collections. But I didn’t like this one as much because of the old fashioned language in it. The whole book was little stories about Brer Rabbit and how he plays funny tricks on his friends/frenimies, and they play tricks on him. I was just getting a little bored, it was like tricks tricks and more tricks and nothing else! Most of the tricks were funny, but some of them were based on another storyline that Enid has written.


3 stars

Reviewed by Holly from Khandallah and , 10 years old