Kids’ Club Review by Julius: The meltdown

The meltdownThe meltdown, by Jeff Kinney

I rate this book five stars because it shows what happens each day and it’s like a real diary. It explained what is was like in the winter season and featuring snowball fights, trouble making and madness.

I would probably recommend this book for ages 7 and over

5 stars

Reviewed by Julius from Tawa and , 11 years old

The Ella Diaries – three great reads

WARNING – You are about to read my UTTERLY BIGGEST SECRETS.

Can I trust you? OK then.

I’m Ella, and these are my diaries.

Its a new school year, and everything is perfect. Ella has a new uniform, glittery stationery and cant wait to meet her new teacher. Until class starts, that is – and EVERYTHING goes wrong. She can’t believe she has to sit next to her absolutely WORST ENEMY EVER, Peach Parker! No matter how far she moves her pencil case across the desk, Peach is in her SPACE. Where’s her BFF Zoe? Can this year get ANY WORSE? Tune into the secret thoughts of Ella as she battles the school bully and turns a lunch time curse into a lunch time craze!



Ella dreams of dancing, but she also wants to be taken seriously. Shes in Year 5 after all! When her dreams of being the lead in the ballet recital are dashed, she starts to wonder if it might be fun to try something new. But when MEAN QUEEN PEACH takes up gymnastics and executes an AMAZING backflip in the playground, the school is taken over by the new craze. Will Ella backflip on her love of ballet? Can she bear to go along with Peach and her traitorous BFF Zoe? Leap beside Ella as her secret thoughts uncover the truth about friendship and trying new things.



Ella and Zoe want to start their own dog-walking business. They make a sign, hang it up in shops and wait by the phone for their first call. When their only job turns out to be minding a lizard, and sneaky Peach Parker starts behaving very suspiciously, Ella starts to wonder what’s up. Zoe and Ella must go undercover! Will they discover the terrible truth?

Kids’ Club Review by Stephanie: Better to wish : the first generation

Better to wish : the first generationBetter to wish : the first generation, by Ann M. Martin (1955-)

Abby Nicholas always loved her father but when there are certain rules to go by, and hard changes to go through Abby can’t help hating him sometimes,especially when it comes to giving away her little brother, or forbidding her from seeing her best friend.
Better to wish is the first in the series The Family Tree and is set back in the 1800’s-1900’s so it tells a wonderful story which you believe is real.
The story is told by Abby and is set a bit like a diary except without the dear diary part so it’s like a unique tale with every scene set in a different time.
This book would be good for anybody who is going through something hard or just someone who wants a good book.

5 stars

Reviewed by Stephanie from Karori, 10 years old

Kids’ Club Review by Mia: Dear dumb diary, never do anything, ever

Dear dumb diary, never do anything, everDear dumb diary, never do anything, ever, by Jim Benton

Jamie is in middle school and has a friend called Isabella. There is a girl in her class called Angeline who has blond hair and is one of the prettiest in the school. Jamie is jealous of Angeline’s hair and all the attention she get’s. At school they have a challenge to do at school of course Angeline get’s the handsomest guy. Who will figure out the challenge first?

4 stars

Reviewed by Mia from Wadestown, 5 years old