New Non Fiction to read during November – Part two.

Hey kids!

Read new non fiction books on horrible histories, inspiring lives and much more!


Barmy British Empire.

A humorous account of life and social conditions in colonies throughout the British Empire.

Bindi Irwin.

Bindi Irwin lives in a zoo! She presents on television about animals and conservation. Learn about how she overcame tregedy to find success!.

Joan Procter, dragon doctor : the woman who loved reptiles.

Looks at the inspiring story of Joan Procter, a pioneering female scientist who loved reptiles.

Inside the world of Roblox.

Presents an inside look at the Roblox world, introducing talented members of the community and providing insider information on the games.

Captain Aquaticas awesome ocean : amazing animals! wild waves! super sharks! the deep sea!

Take to the seas with marine conservationist and shark researcher Captain Aquatica and her hammerhead shark sidekick, Fin, to explore the ocean’s wettest and wildest depths and get the latest facts from the field!

Coding with Scratch.

Get ready to code with this easy-to-use book full of projects and tips to get kids programming. Each book in the Ready, Steady Code! series has 4 step-by-step projects with an introduction section (Ready), project preparation section (Steady), and the coding for the project section (Code!).

Planet Fashion.

Hold onto your hats and lace up your boots; we’re off on a fashion adventure! Travel through 25 scenes in fashion history, circling the globe with your two young stylish travel companions–one boy and one girl, dressed the part in every picture. Each lavishly illustrated scene captures the mood and style of a unique time and place, accompanied by a trove of fashion history facts.

How Underwear Got Under There

We would never get caught with our pants down even if we are wearing our best underwear, but have you ever wondered how it got there? I came upon this cool and information-packed book entitled How Underwear Got Under There by Kathy Shaskan and was really amazed at the history of underwear. Our underpants are the descendants of a  funny little garment called the loincloth. Much like the ones you’ve seen Tarzan wearing! I found out that before the mid 1800s underwear did not come in sizes because it was handsewn and fitted for a particular person. There are a lot more cool facts in the book so go and check it out at children’s non fiction area the call number is J 391.42 SHA. Happy reading!