Tūhono is Live!

The day has finally come — Tūhono, our poetry journal for young Wellingtonians, has officially been released as of the 11th of January 2021! Nearly 200 of you took part, so head on over to OverDrive or Libby to borrow it now!

We are having physical copies printed as well, so soon you’ll be able to find Tūhono 2020 on the shelf at your local public or school library. We will also be giving two copies to the National Library of New Zealand, where they will be preserved for the rest of time (the legal term is ‘in perpetuity‘) as part of the cultural heritage of this country. What a fantastic achievement for everyone who contributed!

Two-page spread from the Tūhono eBook, featuring poems by Jordan, 11, and Esther, 8.

A small sample of what you can expect to find in Tūhono.

There are some very important people whom I would like to thank — Stephanie Poulopoulos (my partner-in-crime, and the amazing librarian who buys all of the kids’ and teens’ books for our collection), Ligia Horta (who designed the book — what an amazing talent she is!), Monty Masseurs (who helped get everything set up online), Bridget Jennings (who wrote the catalogue record for the book, making sure you can actually find it online), and Celeste Mackintosh (who helped organise the online submissions throughout the month of November 2020). Hats off and a round of applause for these wonderful, talented librarians who helped make our dream of publishing our own book of poetry a reality!

Go forth and read! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe — just maybe — you’ll feel connected with everyone else who put something of themselves into this incredible book.