Matariki books

This week is Matariki -also known as Maori New Year. Want to find out more? Check out these marvelous Matariki books:

Daniel’s Matariki feast by Rebecca Beyer and Linley Wellington.

Daniel is a new boy at a school. His teacher Stacey introduces him to the other boys and they go and pick pumpkins from the school garden. Back inside the Teacher talks to the class about Matariki and the feast they are going to have if the pumpkins are ready.

The class talk to Daniel about Matariki and he goes home and talks about it with his family. His mother knew about Matariki as her Granny used to watch the sky for it. What happens next is really lovely.



Child of Aotearoa by Melanie Drewery, illustrated by Bruce Potter.

This is a very lovely story about the different Peoples coming to Aotearoa. It starts with the first Maori arriving and then goes on to other races arriving here.
People travelling through and settling here in Aotearoa. The sons and daughters of this land grow up and have children of their own and they grow up all Children of Aorearoa.

“The children grow and pass the line down to you. A line woven with many threads from other lands. Passed down through me to you — child of Aotearoa.”
This book has lovely pictures.


Matariki by Melanie Drewery

This is a story about a family who have a surprise visit from their Grandma. There is going to be a surprise happening for them and they have to wait and see. This is really exciting event happening the next day Matariki and the whole family are getting together for it. Matariki andthe special events are explained in this story.

Beautiful pictures and the book is available in both English and Te Reo.


The Treasure by Melanie Drewery illustrated by Bruce Potter.

This is the story of a mother telling her child about a beautiful teasure that she has. He has to try and guess it. Can you?

Beautiful pictures and a lovely story. We have it available in both English and Te Reo as Te Taonga.