Movie Review: Puss in Boots

Here is your classical fairy tale flipped on its head. We are all familiar with the Puss in Boots made famous by his appearances in the Shrek movies, and now he has his chance to shine all by himself.

This story takes place when Puss (in Boots) is a kitten and getting up to mischief with his sidekick Humpty Dumpty. Their search for the Giants’ magic beans and golden goose gets them into all sorts of trouble, until one day, Humtpy gets them both into so much trouble that they are separated- Humpty to Jail, and Puss is exiled. Years later they reunite only to experience danger, backstabbing, love and finally triumph as they storm the giants’ castle and claim the Golden Chick (the Golden Gooses’ baby) for themselves.

A very entertaining animated film, well worth watching. The humour is well aimed at the kids, and any adults watching will certainly appreciate all the innuendo. Neither mum, dad or kids could possibly be bored watching it.

I give it 8/10

Review by: Emily Simcox, Librarian at the Wellington Central Library