So you want to be a Secret Agent…?

Danger! Action! Top secret missions! Being a secret agent must be one of the best jobs ever!!!  There are a number of awesome spy / secret agent books to read so you can  learn all the spy skills you will need to be successful in your missions. Here are just a few I found !!!!

The Max Remey Super Spy: The Amazon Experiment by Deborah Abela.

This is the fifth book in this super cool Max Remy Super Spy series.  Someone has stolen the secret Spyforce manual and mow agents are falling ill with a deadly sleeping sickness. The cause maybe a South American bug, but then how did this get to the agents? Max and Linden begin an insect-ridden, plane crashing, tarantula – crawling mission through the Amazon Jungle to rescue their friend Frond, find the bug, retrieve the manual and wake Spyforce’s agents from their fatal slumber.




Andy Roid and the Super Human Secret by Felice Arena.

This is book one in this new cool secret agent series. Andy’s just a regular kid with a normal, everyday life. Or is he? Why is a sinister scientist out to kidnap him? And who are his parents really? He’s about to find out, but this superhuman secret will change everything!






Zac Power Spy Camp : Zac Blasts Off  by H.I.Larry

To learn how to be the most awesomeness spy ever, you must read the Zac Power Spy Camp Series!!! This is book one of the series. Everything you need to know about being a secret agent is here! Even super boy spies have to learn their awesome spying skills somewhere! First readers can now follow Zac Power as he trains for his missions! Join Zac Power at Spy Camp.. and as Zac has a uncanny way of getting into trouble, he’s sure to encounter some mini missions along the way!




Sensational Spylet by Jill Marshall.

Join Jane Blonde sensational spylet on her first ever mission! Swapping her too-big school uniform for a silver spysuit, and her battered satchel for a set of amazing gadgets, Janey soon discovers that nothing in her life, or in her past, is as it seems. Her mysterious Uncle Solomon happens to be the head of SPI (Solomon’s Politicational Investigations) and the greatest spy the world has ever known. Recruited by the government to work on top-secret Project Crystal Clear, Solomon has made a scientific discovery that could change the world. But now he’s gone missing. Can Jane Blonde get to him first? Or will The Sinerlesse, a rogue spying group with evil purposes (and a very nasty dog), hunt him down and take his secret?


Battle Boy : BloodAxe by Charlie Carter

Battle boy has another mission in this fourth book of the series!

Agent’s profile:
Code name – Battle Boy 005 (BB005);
Real name: Napoleon Augustus Smythe; Age: 11 years old;
Assignment: Operation Battle Book;
Controller: Professor Juanita Perdu;
Duty: To operate as a Human Data-Collecting Device (HD-CD);
Survival gear: SimulSkin (high-tech, skin-coloured body armour), Battle Watch and assorted gadgets;
Mission directive: To spy on the past;
Mission 4: Bloodaxe. Dark Age England, 954.

Bloodaxe was the Viking King of York, a fierce and uncompromising leader.

Mission objective: collect Bloodaxe’s DNA and record his famous last battle.

BB005 jettisons into the Viking camp and, with the help of Viking FightRite 101, defends himself against Bloodaxe’s son Haeric.