Well done BookBusters Graduates!

The June meetings of BookBusters saw many club members graduate or receive 6 or 12 month certificates.


Congratulations to the following people…


Central Library:

Graduated: Dylan


Tawa Library:

Graduated: Shirley

12 Month: Jessica and Zoe

6 Month: Emilie


Johnsonville Library:

Graduated: Bilge

6 Month: Cameron, Emily and Adam


Kilbirnie Library:

Graduated: Caleb, Maya, Molly and Riya

12 Month: Lusi, Bella, Rachel and Naomi

6 Month: Greta and Caitlin

 June BB Grad Kilbirnie

Island Bay Library:

Graduated: Jaz, Reuben and Rona

12 Month: Dean and Abishkar

6 Month: James and Charlie


Karori Library:

Graduated: Charlotte, Isabel, Liam, Sam, Cameron, Jack, Piper, Riley and Sally

12 Month: Charlotte

BB June Grad Karori

What’s BookBusters? For more information have a look here.