Graphic-Novels and Comics Part Three:

Other Recommended Graphic-Novels and Comic Books


Some people have been asking me, what is the difference between a comic and a graphic-novel? I think this is a good explanation:


Novels: These are books that you will find in the fiction section. In novels the words are the important part, and what you focus on while you read. They might have some illustrations too, but these are there to support the words.


Comics: These are books you will find in the comics section. Sometimes they are bound books, but sometimes they are just paper like magazines. In comics the pictures are the important part, and what you focus on while you read. They often have words too, but the words are there to support the pictures.


Graphic- Novels: These are books you will find in the fiction section, in the picture book section and in the comics section. In Graphic-Novels the words and the pictures are equally important. The pictures support the words and the words support the pictures.


You should check out some of the Comics and Graphic-Novels we have at the library – I think you would really like them. Comics and Graphic-Novels can be delicious snacks in between your novel meals. Try these:


Calvin and Hobbes: Humorous stories about an impish boy, Calvin, and his debonair toy tiger, Hobbes.

Tintin: Lots of people love Tintin and have read them all. One really cool thing about the Tintin books is the attention to detail. The creator Herge never travelled from Europe but he researched everything very carefully, so his pictures are like exploring a new place through the page.

Peanuts: I love it when Snoopy dresses up as Joe Cool.

The Arrival: This is a work of art. Shaun Tan uses just pictures to tell a tale about arriving in a new place and the feelings involved.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret: Clocks, Runaways, Trains, The man on the moon and automatons… Automatons!

Moomin: I haven’t read these but lots of my friends like them. This is what they said: “I really like them”, “I like the daddy one”, “They have cool illustrations”.


Also check out:

The Adventures of Polo

Babymouse Burns Rubber

The Midnight Circus and The Tooth Fairy

Sticky Burr




The list could go on and on, there are so many excellent books. Which comics or graphic-novels do you like? Which comic do you think is better: Asterix or Tintin? Have you ever tried making one yourself? Making them is really fun; if you make one would you please send me a copy? I would really like to see one about pandas, and biscuits, and books. Oh, and Automatons!

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