Kids’ Review by Emily

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #1: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

It is the kind of book you want to read. It is set ages ago after the ice-age, but before, let’s say, our time. It is the first book in the series and it is really good, with drama and nail-biting tension. It’s the kind of book that you would sit in a chair and read. It’s the kind of book that’s awesome. 5 Stars.

Review by Emily of Dunstan

Kids’ Reviews by Semisi & Miriana

Wolf Children: The Real Feral Kids: An Extraordinary Story by Sue Isle

Wolf Children is a really good book because it is very descriptive about how the people look. It starts off with a normal evening – then POW! – the boy is mysteriously missing and he is nowhere to be found. It is a very intesting book to read. It was like a thriller to me. As soon as you read the first line, it hooks you in, like a fish caught by a fisherman who is reeling it in. 4 stars.
Review by Semisi of The North Shore

Wolf Children is an intruiging collection of exciting and sorrowful stories. This book is at times rather odd, but it is also interesting and exciting to read. It is not the usual once-upon-a-time and it is far more interesting than any other “normal” book you would pick up at a bookstore. So thanks Sue Isle for bringing my favourite book into the world. 4 stars.
Review by Miriana of The North Shore